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Posted on Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008 at 11:12pm CDT by d650d0eb

Product: Marbito Tiles

Company: Oracle Granito Ltd

Location: A-34, Mohan Co-operatibve Industrial Estate, Mathura Road, New Delhi-110044
New Delhi, De, 110044, IN


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Dear Sir,

I purchased 19 Boxes of 2x2 White Shine Marbito Tiles from Asian Tiles & Sanitary, F-78, Swamy Dayanand Marg, Jagatpuri, Delhi-110051 on 10.1.2008. When I decided to purchase these tiles from M/s Asian Tiles, I was not told by them if there are different grades of the same tile being sold in the market. The tiles purchased by me show "Premium, S2915 M" label on the packing.

While fixing these tiles in my flat, following shortcomings were noted in the Marbito tiles purchased by me :

1. Dimensions of all tiles are not same. In a particular location, while one tile was found to have shorter length than adjacent tile, other tile fitted properly in the same location. This was the case when when all tiles were fitted keeping in mind arrow mark on backside of the tile in the direction.

2. Shortcoming mentioned above was not as isolated case for only one tile, but I noticed this for many tiles fitted in my presence.

3. After fitting all the tiles, it has also been found that there is some deformity / inconsistency in the flatness of the top surface of these tiled. For example, at some locations, even though two ends of adjacent tiles are matching, there is a mismatch in the middle section which clearly indicates that surface of the tiles is not perfectly flat.

When these shortcomings were noticed while fixing the tiles, complaint was lodged with "Oracle Granito Ltd" through M/s Asian Tiles and company representative, Mr.Manoj Kumar Pratihasta, Business Development Executive visited my flat on the same day for on the spot inspection. These shortcomings were shown to Mr.Manoj. He inquired if the tiles were being fixed with arrow mark in one direction. It was clarified to Mr.Manoj that all the tiles were being fixed with arrow mark in one direction for all tiles as this issue was discussed in my presence by two masons working on the job right at the start of tile fixing job.

Subsequently, Mr.Monoj made following suggestions :

(1) Trying fixing without following arrow mark criteria

This is indirect acceptance that all four sides of the tile are not equal either in length or in the angle between 2 sides (not perfectly 90 degree) or both these parameters.

(2) Using other tile in case some tiles are found shorter in length and then using "short" tiles at some other locations like for use as smaller cut-pieces.

The above means fixing tiles by trial & error method. And it again an acceptances that all tiles are not equal in dimensions and shape.

(3) All four tiles in the same box MUST be fixed as adjacent tiles.

This is again not acceptable & practical as even if all four tiles are fixed adjacent, there has to be additional tiles from some other box to be fixed adjacent to this block of 4 tiles and if all tiles are not equal in size & shape, again there is going to be a problem in fixing this next lot.

It was also pointed out to Mr.Manoj that the tiles had a green colour marks on the backside which Mr.Manoj clarified that these are due to colour from the packing boxes. Again this explanation is not convincing. I understand that companies put such marks on "Grade-B" or "Commercial Grade" tiles. When this was pointed out to Mr.Manoj, he informed me that ONLY Grade-A tiles are being sold in Delhi but green mark on backside of tiles still remains unexplained.

I met Mr.Manoj again on 11th January in Asian Tiles showroom at Jagatpuri when I had gone there to purchase some other material. I highlighted these things again to him during this meeting.

From the above, it is very clear that :

1. All Morbito tiles purchased by me are not of equal size and also do not have a correct flatness of its top surface.

2. Though the packing mentions "Premium grade", actual quality does not match the description on the packing which means either (a) Morbito Premium Quality tiles do not meet stringent quality criteria or (b) Grade-B / Commercial grade tiles are sold to customers though packing indicates Premium grade. The (b) above could be on account of some manipulation at local level or if what Mr.Manoj told (ONLY Premium grade material sold in Delhi) is correct, then there could be a possibility of Commercial Grade tiles being brought to Delhi "illegally" from neighboring and sold as Grade-A or Premium Grade material.

3. The above also indicates that there are serious shortcomings in the quality system of the company notwithstanding the fact that your company has ISO 9001 certification.

My feedback from the two masons was that they have never faced similar problem while fixing tiles of other companies.

For the above, it is obvious that due to inferior quality of Marbito tiles supplied to me, the quality of surface finish is not as expected. Further, there could be other problems which I may face in future like problems with surface finish of tiles, strength of tiles etc as the quality of Marbito tiles is in question.

In view of the above, I had sent written complaints through email on 13th January to M/s Oracle Granito and followed up this complaint with emails / telephone reminders to Mr.Manoj. Copy of this email was also sent to :

[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

But none of them ever responded to my complaint. During visit to my place and during telephone conversation with Mr.Manoj, he always promised me to resolve this issue on priority basis but they have yet to resolve this as of now. After lot of telephone calls to Mr.Manoj, Mr.Manoj once visited my subsequently (April/May,2008)and suggested that he will take up this matter with his supervisors. He had suggested a proposal of arranging refund of tiles cost to me which I refused as actual loss to me was not mere tiles cost but much more than that.

During subsequent phone calls to Manoj, I found his attitude was evasive in the issues raised with him through emails / telephone calls or during his visit to my place and hence I am now registering this complaint with you.

I will also take up this complaint separately with ISO certification agencies as M/s Oracle Granito claim that their products are ISO certified.

Looking forward to early response on the above.


Shrikant Gudadhe

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