Napoli Indoor Auto Outlet - CAR LOAN SCAM! Napoli

Posted on Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008 at 9:31pm CDT by 7fa295f1

Company: Napoli Indoor Auto Outlet

Location: 241 Boston Post Road
Milford, CT, 06461, US

Category: Other

Thanks to this site I would have never realized that Napoli is a really crappy, scum bag dealership. I purchased a car, taking out a loan through the dealership where my father was "supposedly" co-signing. They reversed the loan into my father??s name and made myself as the co-signer because my interest rate was cheaper, which was in the budget I gave them. During the signing procedure I asked the finance manager why my father??s name was above mine on all paper work if he was just co-signing. He reassured me that since his credit was better than mine his name appeared first and he needed to sign more papers. This should have been a red light but considering the finance manager told me I could refinance in 1 year and that indeed ??I?? took out the loan ??not my father?? there was nothing to worry about.

The finance manager, whose name is KEN, was very convincing in telling my father and I everything we wanted to hear about the loan. But did not tell me that my father now took out a fourth loan (for my car), that??s why his interest rate was higher.

One week later after a lot of arguing they did reverse the loan because we caught the fraud quick but if I realized a day later there would be nothing we could do.

The management was horrible except for one manager ??John?? who actually tried to help my father and I so he wouldn??t get a bad rep. Every time we stepped into the dealership the attitude and ambiance was cold, they acted like they didn??t want to be bothered, even before we bought the car. The management was very lazy and had horrible customer service.

The only good thing about the dealership was the salesman. I must say he was not pushy at all, very patient and extremely understanding. He was actually normal. Unfortunately the three people I recommended to Napoli will not be going there because of the ??FINANCE SCAMS?? and ??POOR MANAGEMENT.?? If you do find a car at Napoli cause they do have good prices PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU READ THE LOAN AGREEMENT PAPERS AND DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING THAT IS QUESTIONABLE!!!!!!!

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