Dick Hannah KIA and Dick Says Yes - DECIEVING DEALERSHIP

Posted on Sunday, July 20th, 2008 at 9:00am CDT by 44e74546

Product: 2008 KIA Rio5

Company: Dick Hannah KIA and Dick Says Yes

Location: 3400 NE Auto Mall Dr
Vancouver, Wa, 98662, US

URL: http://www.dickhannah.com/

Category: Other

After going on line to dick says YES .com we where contacted by a sales rep from Dick Hannah KIA dealership at the Vancouver Auto Mall, We had explained to them that my wife and I had just filled bankruptcy (chapter 7)and that we wanted to start reestablishing our credit they told us come on down we can put you in a brand new car even if your bankruptcy is not yet discharged which it wasnt. Well that was there first lie, after driving from troutdale Oregon almost 25 miles away and spending almost half the day at the dealership we where told that they couldn't help us until our bankruptcy was discharged and all the bank needed was our discharge letters when we got them to bring them in and they could sell us a new car. So about 3 weeks later that's what we did. And again we went back and spent another full day which was Sunday July 13th 2008 when they were having there big block party with free food and great prizes were given away when you test drove a new car like trips to the Oregon coast, concert tickets, DVDs, Cd's and other cool stuff!! Well that was there 2nd lie we never seen any food we test drove a car never got offered a gift for doing it Nothing!! this was when I should have went back home but didn't. Finally we got to the purchase of our new car which was a 2008 KIA Rio5 both the wife and I fell in love with we told the sales rep that we had a budget we needed to stay with and that we couldn't put any money down but we had a 1998 Buick park ave in very good condition that we where going to use for a trade in and that they had a cash back on the car we where interested in of $500.00 mind you the blue book on my car is $2,700.00 well after 3hrs of waiting they where only going to give us $1,000 on our trade in but we thought OK that still gives us $1,500 down WRONG!! they still needed $500.00 cash and was going to charge us 24.99% interest on the loan becomes of the bankruptcy and the payments are 451.56 a month on a 60 month contract not a 72 or a 90 month which we couldn't get so after sitting down with my wife and adjusting our budget we said OK! we new it was going to be some what expensive to rebuild our credit but we both said it was worth it So we signed the papers and took the car home "BOY DID WE LOVE OUR NEW CAR" it was the first "NEW" car the wife and I ever had!! and that's what it turned into "HAD" after a week went by we got a call to bring the car back they told us that they couldn't finance us, HOW embarrassing is that after showing it to all our friends, and relatives and coworkers, how can a business set a interest rate and a monthly payment when they haven't even got the banks approval?? or make people think that they have something when they don't!! that's as bad as giving a child a piece of candy and when they start to taste it, take it away!!! WHAT A JOKE YOU ARE DICK HANNAH, and we are going to do everything we can to let as many people now how deceiving your dealership is!!!


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