Party Fair - Overcharged and Rude

Posted on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 11:28am CDT by 1f7b0fb0

Product: Party Supplies

Company: Party Fair

Location: 370 Us-130, #11
East Windsor, NJ, 08520, US


Category: Other

I purchased party supplies and was charged 3 times for an item when I only bought one item. When I checked the receipt I told the cashier and she laughed and said you have no way to prove that. They also do not let you return unpackaged items even if they sell it unpackaged. The items have tags and are clearly not used. They are very rude unless you are spending a lot of money with them.

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0e8f71e3, 2008-07-03, 11:13AM CDT

I am the owner of the Party store in question and I'm surprised by the following:

1 - Charged 3 times for an item. - If the purchaser had checked the receipt and shown the cashier, the cashier would have checked the bag and seen that the items in question were not there and would have gladly given the customer back their money. If the customer was charged 3 times for the item, it was certainly not done intentionally.

2 - Very rude unless spending a lot of money with us. - I try to foster a happy party atmosphere with my employees. We treat every customer with respect. Whether they are buying a 19 cent piece of candy, a 50% off greeting card or a $100 decoration. It sounds to me as if the customer was either upset about our return policy or it sometimes is possible that they could have encountered an employee that may have had a bad moment. Unfortunately, sometimes people have rough moments.

3 - Our return policy regarding unpackaged items. - This policy is in place so that the consumer who shops with us can have the confidence that something bought from our store, that is not in a package, is brand new. Once an item leaves the store, we have no control over the environment that it is in. Meaning whether it is used or exposed to things that could attach odors, etc... We also prefer not to judge our customers as to whether something is used and returned or just returned. I know that when we explain to a customer the above, most understand. Some however do not, but, in all of the areas were we do sell this merchandise, it is clearly marked that "unpackaged merchandise is not returnable or exhangable".

I've taken the time to respond to this post because I believe that our store and our employees are the best in our industry. Our policy for unpackaged merchandise gives the consumer a confidence that they are actually buying something "new".

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