Marriott - Complaint aginst Marriott at New york-brooklyn Bridge-brooklyn, NY

Posted on Wednesday, July 2nd, 2008 at 6:22pm CDT by bc0087cc

Company: Marriott

Location: BROOKLYN, NY

Category: Hotels

I attended an Asian federal conference at the Marriott-at New york Brooklyn bridge from 6/22/08-6/26/08. I am a federal government employee for 16 yrs. In all of my yrs in the federal system, I have never experience the most inapt inexcusable and deception from an agency that is simply out to rip an customer off like this agency. I phoned the hotel. They said that they cannot change the $579 rate to the government $244 federal government employee per diem rate that they charged me because all of the rooms at the government rate was already booked by the time that I made my reservation. I filed a complaint with Marriott reservation dept. I discussed the situation with a representative who said that they could not negotiate my issue with the hotel because all of the rooms were booked at the government rate by the time that I made the reservation. Now, MSG Live Tau rate was adjusted for about two nights I believed and I informed them of that. Sir, with all due respect, until this matter is cleared up, I am just have to cancelled any future conferences because right now, I will be paying extra out of my own pocket on issues such as this and I am not going to do that. I contacted HQ and left a message for Ms. Brantley to contact me who was the reference point regarding this last conference. My feeling is, I just don't know what she can do at this point. I need your help.


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