Cowles Nissan - False advertisemnt/promotions and selling practices

Posted on Saturday, July 19th, 2008 at 9:22pm CDT by adf00124

Company: Cowles Nissan

Location: 14777 Jeff Davis hwy
woodbridge, va, 22191, US


Category: Other

I bought a new 2008 Nissan Pathfinder from Cowles Nissan on July 17, 2007. Victoria Smith was one of the associates I was working with. Cowles Nissan is running a deal on their new Pathfinders. The advertise $12000 off MSRP on their website. In house they advertise up to $5000 in incentives. There is a flyer that is on their website located in the weekly ads and in print in house that states "Our pain your gain, get 12000 miles of gas** when you buy a new SUV or truck, plus you keep all the incentives." On the side of the ad it states "2008 Nissan Pathfinders as low as $22720" in little print under the picture it states Model 09218, Stock #H1712 and 1707". In smaller print at the bottom of the ad it states "This is a combined offer. Make you best deal on a package price."

I have bought the stock H1707 pathfinder. I did not receive the gas card. When I asked about the gas card I was initially told I did not qualify for it. When I asked why, I wasn???t given an answer. I was told I had to ask the manager. On July 18, 2008, I called Victoria and spoke to her on the phone; I asked about the gas card and stated the promotion they were running. Victoria told me that the promotion ended the weekend prior. The ads states that the promotion ends July 31 2008. When I mentioned this she said she would have to speak to her manager about it. So I drove up to the dealership 7.45pm July 18, 2008 and proceeded to speak with Victoria. She told me to sit down and wait for a couple of minutes while she handled a few customers and she would find out about the gas card. I sat there for 20 mins while she handled other customers. She never acknowledged me, so I left and called her on the phone. I asked again about the gas card and that I didn???t appreciate being ignored and that I qualified for the promotion based on their ad, Victoria stated that I do not qualify for the gas card because I had received rebates and incentives and I could not have both. I had to choose either the rebates/incentives or the gas card. I told her that it did not state that on the ad and that it specifically said "plus you keep all factory incentives", "get 12000 mile of gas with a new Nissan SUV or truck." Victoria said I would have to talk with her manager, Chris Taylor. I don???t thing Chris Taylor was a manager because she handed him the phone too quickly. He didn???t state his title but only his name and said he would take down my number and call me back. I have not heard back from anyone at Cowles Nissan. All I want is what is due me and that is the 12000 miles gas card that was promised in the ad by Cowles Nissan.


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