AllStar Coachways - AllStar Coachways Won't Issue Refund - Stay Away from Them

Posted on Saturday, July 19th, 2008 at 9:39pm CDT by 43c95c27

Product: Nationwide Party/Coach Bus and Limo Service

Company: AllStar Coachways

Location: Coral Springs, Fl, 33065, US


Category: Other

On 11/8/07, Allstar Coachways processed a debit to my credit card in the amount of $6,200.00 as payment for round-trip cost of three (3) buses from Champaign, IL to Schaumburg, IL and back on Saturday, 11/10/07 for group of college students, my son being one of group. Buses arrived at designated time and left Champaign. About 90 minutes into trip, northbound near Kankakee, IL, one bus experienced a blown tire. Driver was able to maintain control of vehicle and bring bus safely to rest on shoulder of road. This is where a group of about 50 young men and women waited until a bus came to pick them up over an hour later to bring them back to Champaign, their trip cut short since they could not get to the original destination on time account of the delay, losing additional $1500 more on tickets for event they would not be able to attend. As only 2 of 3 buses provided service, my son and I have been seeking refund of 1/3 total paid to AllStar Coachways, or $2.066.66.

My son spoke with bus company on night of 11/10/07 while waiting for another bus and emailed company several times trying to get a refund for service not provided. Only one response was ever received, on 1/24/08, asking for more time to review and fix the problem. I have sent several emails myself, none of which have been answered. Called vendor 6/16 and had conversation with an employee who advised me a refund could be processed on my credit card within 3-4 days if I would provide card info, or a check could be sent out 6/20 since they only issue checks on Fridays. I provided credit card info so refund could be processed more quickly. Called 6/23 and spoke with same employee. Complained no credit had been processed. She apologized, and explained she had processed paperwork last week but had been told by the company's co-owner or wife of owner that she was no longer involved, that she (co-owner/wife of owner) would handle the situation and I needed to speak with her for any status. Left messages that day for person to call me back and several times since. No calls were returned and no credit ever issued.

Copies of emails with names of parties purposely left out from above can be provided on request.

As of this posting, it also appears this company has chosen not to respond to the Southeast Florida Better Business Bureau regarding a complaint I filed with that organization.

Save yourself from possible aggravation. Stay away from AllStar Coachways. BE ADVISED. They advertise as offering services NATIONWIDE, so be careful. With all alternative services out there, why take any chance of something similar happening to you. Find a more reputable vendor.


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