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Posted on Friday, July 18th, 2008 at 8:52am CDT by 0f747c0d

Product: Dish installation


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I am a landlord and I have a tenant who contacted Direct TV to have a system intalled. The tenant did not tell me and Direct TV had their local installer come and install the system. The installer, Halstead, mounted a dish on the top of my roof through the shingles. I would NEVER have allowed this since it compromises the roof for leaks. I found out and contacted Direct TV. They told me that their policy is to get written or verbal permission from the property owner, which they did not. They state that once the dish is mounted it belongs to the TENANT and that it is the TENANT who is responsible for it's removal. This leaves me not only liable for roof problems, but, also for liability for a TENANT who climbs on top of my roof. Insurance companies everywhere will love that one. Direct TV has quite a racket going. They can offer promotions, lock someone into a 2 year service agreement, then walk away with no liability for any equipment they contracted to have installed on property they didn't have permission to install it on. a landlord has no rights to the security of their property from mongrels like Direct TV. Not to mention the installers who refuse to provide any information and refer you back to Direct TV. I have spent endless hours on the phone trying to get this resolved with only a "we cannot help you" "you are not the account holder" and "Thank you for calling Direct TV."


d16fe69f, 2011-06-29, 12:39PM CDT

I'm having the exact same problem and cannot find any help.Once I'm settled into my new place I'm done with Direct TV.They could at least help with some advice on how to contact someone to de-install my dish.It's not mounted on a roof it's the tripod and I don't have the tools to remove it.

Thomas V., 2013-02-18, 02:04PM CST

I have the same problem. My roof leaks, Direct TV accepts blame and offers paint and tar for a fix. I now have mold on my joices from the leaks as well as disclored ceiling! My Allstate Deluxe homeowner Policy won't cover it either! Does anyone know of a good Lawyer in the greater Cleveland Ohio area?

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