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Posted on Thursday, July 17th, 2008 at 4:54pm CDT by d84e7cb0

Product: Mortgage

Company: Quicken Loans

Location: 20555 Victor Pkwy Livonia, MI 48152
Livonia, Mi, 48152, US

URL: http://www.quickenloans.com/

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I had begun the mortgage process with Quicken Loans in May of 2008. After I had begun the application process my credit card was charged $500 without my consent. When I called Quicken Loans about this they mentioned that it was simply a deposit and that it would be applied to the closing costs of the home. This sounded legitimate so I allowed them to continue with the process. Everything was going fine until 2 days prior to inspection my loan officer mentioned that the appraiser classified the townhome I was purchasing as a condominium. This would result in a downpayment of 10% rather than the original 5% agreement. I inquired with numerous individuals including my realtor, home inspector and other loan officers and none had ever heard of such a practice. My loan officer said the company made an "acception" in their favor because we must pay association dues every month to cover the cost of the pools, tennis courts and other facilities. He insisted that if I were to go with another mortgage company I would run into the same problem. After this problem had been passed to his superior without change, we decided to go with a mortgage company recommended by our realtor. Within one day our mortgage application was processed, we were given a rate that was .25% lower than Quicken's and without any points, and our estimated closing costs were $6,000 less when compared with Quicken's costs. (I wont mention the name of the company but it rhymes with Untree Wide) I later received a phone call from another superior at Quicken Loans. He inquired to the situation and I mentioned how we were now with another company. I mentioned of the better rates and lower closing costs and why theirs were so high. He asked me if they provided me with better offers that would beat my new company and took away their "acception" of a 10% down payment, would I stay with them. At this point I asked for my $500 deposit back since Quicken was no longer going to be processing the loan / mortgage. He disagreed to the refund and did not give a reason. My suggestion would be to find another lender.


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