Frontier Airlines Travel Insurance

Posted on Thursday, July 17th, 2008 at 10:43am CDT by 7153960e

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Frontier AIrlines in cohoots with AIG Travel Guard insurance has switched their online ticketing process from an "opt-in" to an "opt-out" action. For those that have been regularly making reservations on line, as the company encourages, this is a sneaky little change that you are not aware of until you print out your receipt and it informs you that you have purchased travel ins. If you call Frontier Customer service the rep tells you they know its a bad change and that they can't cancel the policy over the phone. You have to call the insurance company directly. When you call their 800 # you are informed you have to send an email with the policy number. However your receipt from Frontier informing you that you have purchased insurance does not have a policy number. You have to wait for the confirmation notice from AIG to get the policy number. So Frontier pulls a sneaky to sell you insurance and then won't help you to cancel it other than shunt you off to the insurance companies automated system.

Nice customer service Frontier!

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0e08aeba, 2008-09-11, 09:51AM CDT

Ditto....same thing happended to me. 10.95 charge shows up on your card statement with no information as to why. After calling credit card company, AIG and then Frontier, takes over an hour to complain about the charge. I guess they think no one will take the time to dispute the charge. Well for whatever their rebate on the 10.95 charge was, they have lost thousdands of dollars I spend travelling on Frontier. I would suggest anyone else with this same issue, simply switch to Southwest where you will not have to deal with underhanded dealings! And I really used to like flying Frontier!! I hope they reprimand or fire the individual that is responsible for putting the insurance as an "opt-out" requirement.

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