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Posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 at 12:22pm CDT by aad6d12c

Product: Sprint mobile services

Company: Sprint

Location: US

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Be careful when terminating cell phone service with Sprint. I went to one of Sprint's stores to have some info changed on my account and also asked when my contract was up. I was told that my contract had already expired. I had to call customer service to complete some of the changes I needed and again asked when my contract expired. Again, I was told that my contract had expired. A month later I changed service providers and received a final bill from Sprint which included a $200.oo early termination fee plus disputed charges that had been removed from the previous bill had been added back on. I contacted Sprint and was told 2 different stories: one story was that the contract on one # had expired but not on the other # (this was a shared family plan with only one contract), the second story (from a supervisor) was that I had renewed my contract verbally and that contract had not yet expired! He told me that he could not provide the recording of that conversation to verify that a contract actually exists nor would he give me the # to the corporate offices. It seems that Sprint has found a new way of making money!

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302d6198, 2008-10-07, 10:24AM CDT

Hey There!

Just F.Y.I...although 2 phones are on a family plan, they still have seperate contracts. Every individual telephone number has an individual contract on it...this is with all cell phone carriers.

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