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Posted on Wednesday, July 16th, 2008 at 9:53am CDT by b80d541a

Product: Love Seat & Couch

Company: Teppermans

Location: 481 Wharncliffe London, ON
London, ON, N6J 2N2, CA

URL: http://www.teppermans.com

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We purchased a love seat and couch and when we purchased it the salesman told us to take out the extended warranty and that it will cover any problems we will ever have during the warranty period. Our pillows have lost their shape and are coming off of the couch. We phoned and were told that the warranty does not cover pillows and just covers tears. This is a complete rip off and borders on fraud.


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5bd9e13f, 2009-06-17, 11:22AM CDT

Teppermans Extended Warranty Worth Nothing

We have had the same problem. Bought a Kroehler leather sofa and love seat for $4000+ and the only reason we did so was because the saleman said the warranty would cover everything. A tear/puncture occured and the wearing of the sofa was poor on the verge of cracking and wearing through...but Teppermans did nothing. The Florida based warranty provider StainSafe (whom due to numerous problems they no longer deal with)refused to cover it. We were sold a crappy warranty and crappy furniture from a crappy store who's only solution was to give us a lousy credit note for the $169 the cost of the warranty. It took them over 10 months to finally come up with this solution. After we dealt with 5 different so-called "customer care" reps. none of whom cared enough to get back to us. Only after we persisted were we able to meet Noah Tepperman himself, who came up with this unsatisfactory solution. Despite what they advertsive in this instance they definitely did not "stand behind what we sell". Unless you are happy with a disposable sofa don't waste money on any extended warranties. More times than not things are not covered. So if you take your chance to buy something, then you're on your own. We could have had 3 or 4 different sofas for that price but instead are now left with a piece of garbage which is most likely irreparable. I will never ever do business there again and caution others to consider what happened to us before doing so as well.

a7a6c5cb, 2011-02-09, 04:02AM CST

Also have the same problem with Teppermans not honoring a warranty, I bought a dryer from them and purchased the extended warranty that said if they could not fix it they would replace it with a dryer of the same equality.

Well they said they can not fix my dryer and are offering me a plain jane dryer when mine had all the bells and whistles.

I paid 600+ for my dryer and the one they are offering is worth only 400 dollars.

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