HP Petrol pump - HP Petrol pump near KR puram Bridge

Posted on Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 at 12:17pm CDT by 684ebe45

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Dear All

Today while comming back from Inovative Multiplex, my bike came to reserve that means I still have 1 liter in my tank, then after driving for about 200 meters I found this HP petrol pump after KR purarm hanging Bridge.

I handed over 100 rupee note to casher and asked the other guy to fill. The casher intervened and asked "card" still I didnt open my pertrol tank. I opened my petrol tank asnd asked "what card". He said "mint card" and the other guy finished filling petrol. I felt some thing fishy. Then I turned my knob from reserve to unreserve started my way back to Banaswadi. I didnt drive for .5 KM my bike came to reserve again.I stay in Banaswadi its just 2 KM from that place if he had filled 1.7 liters of petrol then it shouldnt have come to reserve.

So any of you going there ensure 0 before filling and dont give a damn to mint card and other divertions.

I couldnt beleive HP guys cheated me

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1c5d015d, 2013-06-19, 01:46AM CDT


Yes, I also felt the same thing. I asked the guy to fill 300 Rs, but he stopped at 100 and I had to put another 200. The bike which gave 43/ltr shouldnt stop at 113 km on a fill of 300 Rs (4.2Ltr). Pls explain me the escalation for the same.


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