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Posted on Tuesday, July 15th, 2008 at 6:26pm CDT by 0a82179a

Company: Direct TV

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We called to obtain information on cancelling our service with them as we are still under contract with them. They told us the cancellation fee was going to be $320. They would send us the boxes for the receivers. When we asked when the Dish would be removed they said it stays here. Yet when you look at the commitment agreement and the lease agreement it states NO WHERE that the dish would be left. So we plan on cancelling tomorrow and go back to cable. Send them back their receivers and a charge of $320 for the receiver as rent for having that on our roof. Its not our equipment and if something happens to it while you are their customer they will charge you for it.

If you look at their commitment documents you will also notice if THEY change the programming and you don't agree, you can cancel, HOWEVER they may charge you a cancellation fee for something they did and you have no control. They have all the power in their agreements. There is nothing a customer can do if you read their documents. Absolutely insane.

I truly regret switching from cable.


9614dbbb, 2008-12-03, 11:41AM CST

I just switched from cable to direct tv. I explained to the installer that if there were any changes to what I currently had in my bedroom then I did not want to switch to direct tv. After he was finished and I inspected, I found that he had attached a large unsightly cable box to the wall in addition to another box with cables coming out of it in another area, thus preventing me from returning a chest of drawers to that area. I was informed that to cancel direct tv I should have done so within 24 hours. I was told that someone would get back to me with 48 hours - no call. I spent another 45 mins on the phone talking to a manager who promised me they would get the installer to re-do the installation and I have heard nothing. At this point, I do not want direct tv in my apartment.

2a2e0e27, 2011-10-05, 01:20PM CDT

i can not belive what are they doing.

you are with them for 10 years and they charge you $600 dollars!!!

for what?

they do not whant to work with you to pay it in montly, and you lost your job.

i never go back with them

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