Owner - 2002 Chevy Suburban engine shuts off while driving

Posted on Sunday, July 13th, 2008 at 7:30am CDT by 950b2cc8

Product: 2002 Chevrolet Suburban LS

Company: Owner

Location: corporate company with many local distributorships
beaumont, TX, 77706, US

URL: http://GM.com/

Category: Other

While traveling at highway speeds for a prolonged time, the engine would just shut down. Just as if someone turned the key off. I would put the vehicle in Netural and coast to about 30 mph and attempt to re-start. After several attempts, vehicle would start and would accelrate back to a average speed of 70 mph. This would occur frequently. Maybe 10 times in a 8 hour trip. The only indicator I would receive from the message center was a bright RED light, all gages would go to off or zero with the exception of the speedometor.


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e8560a97, 2008-07-13, 04:25PM CDT

Sounds like a vapor lock stopping the flow of fuel, a stuck water thermostat overheating the engine, or a faulty or failing electrical relay. Take it in for service before you get stuck on the road. Good Luck

950b2cc8, 2008-07-13, 08:54PM CDT

Searched net and found hundreds of the same problems occuring in 2002 Chevy suburban.

1. Fule Pump

2. Cranck Shaft Position Sensor

3. Security System shutting off fuel

4. Fuel Level sensor

5. Weak Battery

Most reports quoted Crank Shaft Position Sensor as the usual porblem and fix.

Located a NHTSA Action Number :PE06016 Dated May 4, 2006, closed Sept. 14, 2006, Office Of Investigations (ODI)which verifies data of complaints of 108,338 vehicles experiencing almost the same problems and same conculsions stated above in the fix.

Go to www-odi.nhtsa.dotgov/cars/problems/defect/defectresults.cfm?start=1&searchType...

You can find it with the above incomplete web address.

8b60d51e, 2009-01-13, 06:33PM CST

I have the exact same problem with my 2002 Suburban. I noticed mine does it when weather tempeture is above 70F deg.

365b71fb, 2009-02-08, 03:39PM CST

I had the same thing car would just die at highway speeds . was very scary sometimes! turns out the 02 has two fuel pumps. the lesser garages would check the front fuel pump and rule out a fuel pump problem ..took it to chevy and they immediately found it.

Lisa H., 2014-09-08, 01:48PM CDT

Where is that crank shaft position sensor located?

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