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Posted on Saturday, July 12th, 2008 at 12:54am CDT by 44623384

Product: Winslow Media Console Item # 274584

Company: COSTCO

Location: WA, US


Category: Online Shopping

Winslow Media Console

Item # 274584

REFERENCE ORDER #28615142- This order was confirmed on May 26, 2008. On 07/11/2208 the item was delivered to me in damaged condition (the front leg had been broken off at some point and then re-glued attempting to conceal the defect). I refused delivery of the item.

This episode has been one of the worse buying experiences of my life. I want to talk to a human being to discuss my recourse on this issue. If I do not get satisfaction from Costco or its delivery agent, I will take this to San Francisco News station's "7 on 7" Consumer Watchdog program. I refuse to call expecting to talk to a human being only to be told to leave a message and someone will get back to me in 4 hours (which they do not). I am requesting my money back in full (including tax). I do not plan to make other purchases via I would like a call back from your Customer Service to confirm when I can expect my refund.

Here are some of the issues regarding this order:

1) I was notified by HEPDirect the item was scheduled to be delivered on June 27, I was then called & told that the item would be delivered on June 28- if I couldn't receive it then, I would have to wait two more weeks. I tried to contact HEP Customer Service to make other arrangements, but my calls were not returned (after repeated calls to HEP & Costco)

2) The 2nd delivery was scheduled for July 7. As of July 7 I was not contacted by HEPDirect to confirm a delivery time. After repeated calls to HEPDirect & Costco Furniture Escalation (which in many cases were not returned), I finally received a call stating the delivery would be between 7 & 11 on July 12. I received a call after 7:30 on Friday night (July 11) asking if the item could be delivered in a 1/2 hour! I accommodated the gentlemen (having to re-arrange my evening). As it was dark, I was fortunate to identify the defect before they had left the area. To their benefit, they did return and pick up the item.

Costco has absolutely no control over either the quality of goods or services when contracting out to a 3rd party. What exacerbates the situation is that there is no way to get in touch with anybody to get assistance with problems with your delivery company (or, for that matter, with Costco customer service). How do you expect to maintain a reputation when 1) You have no effective Customer Service for corrective action, 2) You have no control of goods or services you are selling, 3) The quality of the products is substandard?

I can almost guarantee you that you will be losing valued business & residential customers if you continue to use HEPDirect for scheduling & delivery of high dollar items. Bar none, their customer service is the worst I have ever experienced. I must say, that Costcos is a close second.

I am making a copy of this correspondence in the event I do not receive a call back from Costco.

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10be7038, 2012-02-22, 10:31PM CST

HEP Direct is by far the WORST moving company I have EVER used. They take FOREVER to deliver. They schedule appointments and don't show. They make ridiculous excuses for delay after delay. The Customer Service stinks!

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