Kohler - Kohler Generator Has No Support

Posted on Friday, July 11th, 2008 at 11:06am CDT by 627bda63

Product: Kohler RES12

Company: Kohler

Location: 444 Highland Drive
Kohler, WI, 53044, US

URL: http://www.kohlerpower.com/

Category: Other

I have a Kohler RES12 generator that the transfer switch has failed twice in several years. No other electronic equipment in the business was harmed by a surge. Their distributor, Fidelity Engineering, says they don't warranty their parts. Kohler only talks to consumers through their distributors. Horrible customer service. I would advise against buying a Kohler generator.


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df90cb51, 2008-11-17, 02:01PM CST

I, too, have a RES12 generator and I am now going through my second failure.

The gentleman who put it in for us claims that surges are to blame for the board failure.

I put on a surge protector to counter this and he is telling me that the damage could have been done to it before the surge protector was put on...the board was replaced in July and we had a surge protector installed after that and it worked for several months and has now failed again.

Of course it is not covered since it is over the 90 day warranty.

I, too, would advise against buying a Kohler...the installer claims they are having problems but meanwhile won't take care of the problems...I can't afford to keep pouring money into this generator and as a resident of FLA we need a generator.

It is a horrible piece of equipment.

0ab38a0c, 2008-12-29, 07:32PM CST

Hello, Not sure when you posted this but I just received a copy from a customer. We are a major reseller for KOHLER through Fidelity and would like to help you if I can. We have experienced this very same issue.

Hope to be of service.

92e703b8, 2009-07-13, 01:49PM CDT

check out www.kohlercustomerservice.com to see how they support their products

df90cb51, 2009-08-04, 09:58AM CDT

I have already posted a complaint about my RES12 Kohler generator and still am having problems.

The gentleman who sold me the unit and is a rep for Kohler tells me that he can't do anything else for me with this existing problem.

He says it is beyond his knowledge of what else to do to fix the problem that he can't even figure out.

We have replaced the mother board already once and now we are having problems with the transfer switch.

The sales rep says it is a humidity problem he thinks...what Kohler never heard of humidity in FLA!!!!

f7aeca68, 2010-06-15, 06:02PM CDT

I am having a different problem with my Kohler 12RES. Still under warranty. 2nd breakdown with similiar problem. Collicutt tech cannot identify source of problem. I am a senior citizen living in a remote area and the entire house is dependent upon this generator. Also house rescue animals in this location and don't have the option of staying elsewhere. First time, it took two weeks for them to repair the the generator. As of this date, now more than 3 weeks after complaint, they have cancelled two appointments and I am still sitting here with no power whatsover. Despicable customer service. I will never buy another Kohler product as long as I live.

fb088105, 2010-07-27, 10:14PM CDT

I have a 98 Kohler 10cce with a Ford 4cyl.to power it.No local Kohler support at all in Buffalo,NY. I have replaced the voltage regulator-brushes-main circuit board/relay board and the magnetic sensor on flywheel---Same problem.It starts then quits when you release the switch.Unpluged the water over temp,oil pressure switch--same problem...Can't get anybody to work on it..The local Kohler Dist. doesn't even stock any parts---No service personal--WOW---you think I'd buy anything with the KOHLER name on it ever again ???I don't think so...Any ideas???

8e9bb765, 2011-01-14, 06:59PM CST

I agree with you. I purchased a Kohler RES 12, It is only 4 months old but the governor started fluctuating out of control. Kohler won't warrant it because I am using the generator as a charging source for my "top of the line" inverter because I am off grid. It has less than 80 hours on it.

My whole system is UL rated and inspected by the State Electrical Inspector.

I will not buy another Kohler because NOWHERE in their sales propaganda or their warranty is it stated that the Warranty does not apply in an off grid situation.

aa5dcd1e, 2011-06-02, 03:36PM CDT

My brother and I both bought a 12RES Kohler generator at the same time. After about four years his starter solenoid went out. not long after mine went out. The Kohler technition said they have been having problems with them and told us to buy a Ford F150 old style firewall solenoid. Later on his generator would start running for no reason. He found a burned spot on the transfer switch control board. not long after mine did the same thing. The board costs $300. I think Kohler has some problems they need to make right with the customers.

f0d260a5, 2011-12-04, 11:52AM CST

I am having problems with an RES20 model, major problem appears to be the controller module. Indifferent dealer, distributor, and manufacturer. 8000 dollar piece of lawn art. I would advise buyers to consider other brands

73f07642, 2012-04-04, 01:23PM CDT

My new Kohler 14/20Res has been a constant problem including cross wiring from the factory. Their distributor Steiner is very professional and has respknded to persistent problemsbut the generator itself is a real lemon. I have never purchased anything that has given me this much trouble.

David F., 2013-01-05, 07:26AM CST

Mine's a 2-yr-old 18RES, and after weeks of problems, I've been troubleshooting it myself. It never really ran reliably and smoothly, but now I found a broken wire at the plug of the regulator (stepper motor). All I can get from Kohler is that I have to contact the local distributor. But I can't get hold of anyone responsible at the distributor... I'm planning to just buy the $240 part myself and install it, and Kohler should make good on the part under the warranty.

Heck of a way to dodge warranty obligations... just make it impossible for the consumer to get service, so you'll never have to honor any guarantees! ;-(

d6348658, 2012-12-03, 10:10PM CST

In March 2012 I purchased a Kohler 20KW RES standby generator, running off the natural gas line. When installing it, the electrician found that the transfer switch was wired incorrectly at the factory. Odd, and Kohler seemed unaware of the quality problem. Subsequently, in October - November 2012 during Hurricane Sandy, it ran for 6 days without issue, and then failed at the 151 hour mark. Engine would not run smoothly, throttle was "hunting" and would not power house. Technicians are baffled and say they are working with Kohler factory support to determine what is wrong. Distributor tells me they have seen this same problem with many of the 20KW units they installed in past year or so. This is disturbing as I am getting no use out of it and have no timeline for when the problem, which should be covered under warranty, might be resolved. I paid a premium for what was perceived as top quality Kohler American made generator, and suspect I got a Chinese-made unit with a Kohler name tag, and no price reduction to off-set the apparent quality decline. Anybody else seeing this problem? Were you able to get it fixed?

Chris M., 2012-12-23, 05:29PM CST

'My brother and I both bought a 12RES Kohler generator at the same time. After about four years his starter solenoid went out. not long after mine went out. The Kohler technition said they have been having problems with them and told us to buy a Ford F150 old style firewall solenoid."

I have two 12RES and both had this problem. I opened the solenoids and soldered the loose wire, never looked back.

Ted W., 2012-12-31, 09:49AM CST

i have a 14RES bought in Jan, 2012 on-line - great price ($1500 savings). However, most distributors will not service what they don't sell. Distributor wants $110 an hour and $1.75 a mile to come out, that will figure out to about $1K for a NEW generator with less than 24 hours use on it that won't start. Kohler says talk to the distributor.

609cf2da, 2013-01-05, 01:52PM CST

If you buy a Generac, the manufacturer takes responsibility for the warranty. If you call any Generac dealer they will perform warranty work and will service for you.

3fac69c5, 2013-06-12, 06:23PM CDT

I would beg to differ with you on the buy Generac they will support. I am certified service for them all and Kohler is by far the better generator. The difference is Generac dealers are signed up by Generac, Kohler dealers are signed up by a distributor and have to work through the distributor, and yes some distributors are more industrial and do not understand the residential line. If you go to Kohlers site and look up the service locator I'm sure you will find a qualified service dealer. I would still rather buy a Kohler than a Generac I have never replaced a Kohler engine but have replaced many Generac engines. Lightning strikes damage pc boards there is nothing you can do to stop a close by hit from damaging a board

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