HP - An HP laptop tale

Posted on Thursday, July 10th, 2008 at 4:26pm CDT by 677aeec6

Product: HP Pavilion DV2047cl

Company: HP

Location: US

Category: Other

I bought a HP laptop at Sam's Club. Yes, it was in the scratch and dent section, marked repaired keyboard, but I was assured that it carried the full HP warranty on it.

(It had a $50 rebate included that I never did receive, as well.)

I had it about two months and the spacebar was a problem--hit it anywhere but dead in the middle, and it would not function. For the most part, I was using the system in medical billing, I installed networks and had to have a fair amount of data from the offices and access to the network.

It was inconvienent, but workable, and I figured that I could get a replacement keyboard from service. Roll on to 8 months after purchase, I contact service and find out that they cannot ship me the replacement part. Not user replaceable.

I'm not the typical user, I did electronic calibration and repair in the AF, and ran two calibration labs. I also repair HP laser printers, and I had just replaced the screen, part of the case, and the DVD drive on a customer's Compaq R3000 laptop. Which meant I had to totally disassemble (and reassemble) the unit.

They sent me the link for the repair/replacement of the keyboard, but they wouldn't send the part.

Well, I still had to have the use of the laptop, so I put it off a bit longer...and so when I called back in November and said that I could finally send the unit, they said the laptop had gone out of warranty. I ended up having to send them a scan of my receipt, and the back of my laptop. After which, I never got a reply, confirmation, or whatever.

All during the time I talked to service, I was dealing with outsourced techs that were in India. Hello, my name is BOB (yeah, right). Only saving grace was that my statics and dynamics professor was Indian and it was at 8am.

I finally bought a keyboard on ebay--for half of what HP parts wanted. And it was still in plastic. Took me 15 minutes to drop it in.


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