Motorguide - Poor Motorguide replacement policy

Posted on Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 at 7:44am CDT by 948d4727

Product: Motorguide trolling motor

Company: Motorguide

Location: 835 West 41st Street
Tulsa, OK, 74107, US


Category: Other

In April 2008 I purchased a new Tracker bass boat. It came with a Motorguide trolling motor. I had the boat on water three times. The first was for break in time on the Mercury gasoline motor. On the third time I began having trouble with the trolling motor. The trolling motor has 5 speeds; I started lossing speeds until I finally only had the highest speed. To make it more of a problem if you ran the trolling motor very long (30-40 sec) on high it would cause the resetable breaker to open. I was on vacation at the time. When I returned home I took the boat back to the dealer. They advised it was up to Motorguide whether the trolling motor is repaired or replaced. I had replaced the 5 speed foot control switch while I was on vacation and it didn't change anything. For that reason it appeared to be in the motor. Being it was a new boat and only used on 3 occasions I felt the trolling motor should be replaced. After talking to Motorguide support I was told they have a 30 day replacement policy and the motor would NOT be replaced. I also found out that Motorguide doesn't repair their trolling motors they send them to dealers that do. I did speak to Tracker boats and the boat dealer in Ponca City, Oklahoma. Neither could or would offer any help. So I don't beleive I will every have another Motorguide product.

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31865944, 2008-08-04, 10:27AM CDT

I'm going through the exact same situation. I bought a Nitro bass boat on June 26th. My Motorguide trolling motor is doing the same thing. I've lost the two lower speeds and sometimes the third. My 50 amp manual reset was installed backwards, but I doubt that has anything to do with it. This isn't the first Motorguide I've owned, but it will be the last if I don't get some sort of satisfaction.

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