Millenium Hyundai - Lied on the phone to get me to the dealership

Posted on Tuesday, July 1st, 2008 at 5:26pm CDT by e4ae70b6

Product: 2007 Santa Fe

Company: Millenium Hyundai

Location: 220 N.Franklin Street
Hempstead, NY, 11550, US

Category: Other

Right now I am leasing a 2007 Santa FE. I wanted to trade it in for a bigger vehicle, the Entourage, because the Santa Fe is just to small for children. I called and spoke to a salesman and specifically told him that to pay off the lease was $17,500 and we went over all the details he would of needed. Because I had problems with them when I first leased the Santa Fe I wanted to make sure they wouldn't screw me again. The salesman insisted with me and told me he spoke to his manager and that there would be no problem trading in the Santa Fe for the Entourage. My payments would only be a few dollars more then what I am paying now which is $319 a month with no money down. After making sure he would cut me this deal I dragged MY WHOLE FAMILY down and sat there for an hour for this salesman to come back with $3000 down...$500 a month. I flipped!! He flat out lied to me over the phone and when I showed how upset I was... the managers laughed in my face. Honda offered me a better trade in and when I told them that they said Honda had better lease deals. You think they would try to keep me as a customer? They completely insulted me and I cannot believe that they did this to me. What upsets me most is that I sent 2 more people there last year to get a lease from them and this was the thanks I got. BUYERS AND LEASERS BEWARE!! The managers sit behind the long couter when you walk in like they are the Godfathers!! Should we kiss their rings upon entering?

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c458eec9, 2008-11-13, 10:33AM CST

Had I been you I would have stood up pointed at that salesman and said "see babies that's what a liar looks like.." then I would have taken their hands and walked out the I was leaving I would have looked the closest person in the eye and said "your competition will enjoy my business and my money"..then I would have walked right out the door!!

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