American Express - Deceptive practices

Posted on Tuesday, January 8th, 2008 at 9:38pm CST by 727037d0

Product: Credit Card

Company: American Express

Location: P.O.Box 650448
Dallas, TX, 75265, US

Category: Other

I have made my pmts on time every month and made a large pmt of $1200 early Jan. 08 and checked very carefully as to what credit availability was at that time. I was told it was almost $1,000 (approx 972); I explained that I had to know exactly because my son needed to charge a car rental at the airport in the next week.

He was left stranded at the airport today because Amer. Express decided they did not like my credit rating (I have something in dispute but it has nothing to do with Amex and my Amex pmts. are up to date). Because they didn't like my credit rating, they arbitrarily lowered my credit availability without telling me so that my son was unable to rent a car at the airport until I had to scramble and make an immediate, unplanned, extra large pmt to Amex. I find this to be despicable, very deceptive behavior on the part of Amex. My pmts were in order and they had no business lowering my credit availability without even advising me first, leading me to believe that what they told me last week about availability was the truth. They are arrogant and totally user-unfriendly and they lie. This is not the first episode of deception. Several times when I made a payment and was told it would show up on my account within a certain time, usually after midnight the next day, my charges were rejected because they did NOT get it onto my acct. at the time they said they would. They are so arrogant, they could not care less if you complain. Re this current episode, they said they sent me a letter, which I have never gotten and which, if I ever receive it, does me no good as of this date, they never notified me of the reduction in availability. The nervy customer (ha) service man said, well if you had called, we would tell you. I could not believe that; I was supposed to know that what they told me last week was a lie; I am supposed to be a mind reader! You cannot take them at their word for anything. They arbitrarily do whatever they please and then say it's in the contract. Such poor, deceptive business practices!!!


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