sears credit card and Ivorywhite (teeth whitening service)

Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2008 at 10:24am CST by fa9c865a

Company: sears credit card and Ivorywhite (teeth whitening service)

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Had a problem with ivorywhite of Boulder CO 11-09-07 and 11-26-07.

phone # is866-441-5236

they had a service offer chargeing mg me $1.43 and $3.44 on 11-09-07

and then on 1-29-07 they chargeged me $78.41.

They had aa deal in fine ptrint that required me to camcel with in 30 days

but i lost the message. But most

companies will defer the charges after a protest., But ivorywhite would

not hear of this and refused to hearmy complaint.

After recieving the package and no instructions that I would want to

follow . I never used it. and no where did isee

what the charges would be .They have done nothing for me for the $78.41.

John K Neustadter

4385 State Routeb 26

Vernon NY 13476

315 829-3945


sears Gold Master Card


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