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Posted on Monday, January 7th, 2008 at 5:02am CST by 5cb875d6

Product: DHL

Company: DHL Express Delivery

Location: Vilnius, LT


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The DHL Express Deliver lost our package containing valuable original documents and does not care of finding it. The worse think is they just offered to resent the package for free, after that silence. Not Funny anymore!

The recipient does not receive package in time, the documents are lost - originals are lost!, the package just gone. They charge us high and does not fullfit what they promise, plus create loads of problems.

NEVER, NEVER use DHL Service.

... or use it service if you have no problems and wish to get them immediately.

The DHL International Limited companies listed above might provide the same extremely low quality service. Be alert.

DHL International Limited: 'DHL Worldwide Express, 'DHL', 'StartDay Express', 'DHL MidDay Express', 'Jumbo Box', 'DHL Worldwide Express Jumbo Box', 'DHL Connect', 'EasyShip', 'Asia Overnight' and 'DHL Asia Overnight'.


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2a72ed8f, 2008-08-08, 11:42AM CDT

DHL has lost my personal property and seems not to care. I feel their customer service is well below par. I have not been treated fairly and the item which they have lost is worth more than the claim the sender put in for.

I received a call from a DHL employee to inform me the claim is being denied. This means to me they have stopped searching for it. I do not believe DHL's competitors treat their customers this way.

I only wish to have my personal property returned to me.

Mr. Ken Allen, CEO, does not want me as an advisory.

Mr. Allen had better investigate and find my property personally. His corporation can not afford not to.

I have several plans to follow and each is within the law. Mr. Allen will not appreciate the results. All it takes is effort.

Mr. Ken Allen's address is

Mr. Ken Allen

CEO DHL Express Delivery

Executive Office

10097 Cleary Blvd. Suite 403

Plantation, FL 33324

DHL's website has the phone # and email address. I prefer the regular mail. If you call, you get brushed off as if you are nothing. If you email, you do not konw if Mr. Allen reads it. I went to the local DHL delivery office and was treated as I was invisiable.

I ask names and keep a record of all phone calls. One man refused to give me his last name. He would only give me his ID #. What is the difference? To me, that shows a lack of intergerty.

What makes a corporation sucessful? Customer service and integrety.

I will never be done with DHL until they locate and return my property.

[email protected]

Bryan, Texas

ae0f7827, 2009-01-22, 01:04AM CST

amen to this.

DHL also lost an important document that I sent to LA. They never informed me that it was lost. I only found out when the recipient did not get the document two weeks later. Talk about common courtesy. They don't know where it was lost and had no explanation. I had to reproduce the document at my own expense and time. I tried calling several time to complain, they twice said they would get back to me. But they never did. When I asked DHL to reimburse me for the loss of the document bec. I had to have it signed at an embassy, they denied the claim. It was only when I threatened legal action that they made an offer to pay for the cost alone without any expenses for transportation. Talk about customer service. Never ship with DHL. Bad service.

568cff2b, 2009-11-16, 11:30AM CST

Wish I would have read this posting before I used DHL. I sent important medical documents on Nov 6. Now Nov 16 and still not delivered. The last tracking info on their web site was Nov. 12 and stated that the document had been misdirected - no update since then. I received a call saying the package is actually with customs. No help from anyone at DHL including Ken Allen who I sent a fax to. DO NOT USE DHL.

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