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Dear Sir/Madam

My name is Dr Sunil Verma and I am working as Scientist in Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology, Hyderabad. Since year 2003, I was in Oxford University to do my Doctoral studies in Medical Oncology. After completing my studies, I came back to India on 29th Dec 2007 with big dreams in my eyes to serve my country. I took Air India flight No AI120 from London (Heathrow) to Delhi. When the flight reached to Delhi on 30th Dec 2007, I found that my baggage was missing. I filed a PIR and Air-Port staff told that I need not to worry since they will trace it in 2 days. Since that day till now, I have made at least 50 calls to Air-India and begged them to search for my bag which has some very important research material inside but they could not trace the bag! They also say a strange thing that a passenger named 'Durg Verma' who traveled on the same day in the same flight, left his baggage on the Air Port and probably stolen my bag. Most funny thing they say is that they don??t have the contact detail of Mr Durg Verma! They also say that Mr Durg Verma gave a wrong telephone number to his travel agent. When I asked that Air-India must have the detail of the passport of Mr Durg Verma, they said that the detail of his passport is not available with Air-India. It seems that any criminal even a terrorist can fly in the Air-Craft of Air-India and Air-India will not even know who has traveled with them! Someone leaves his bag on the Air-Port, steals an another bag from there and Air-India wont even know who has done that!

I left England and came to India with a dream to serve my country. What has happened with me at the Air-Port and after that has broken me completely! That bag is very important since it not only has several expensive things inside but also my research material. It has my graduation cap and Gown from Oxford University. No one is listening to me in Air-India and today the staff of Air-India told me that I am free to do anything I want to do but I should forget that bag now!

I would be grateful if the readers of this website help me so that I could mobilize Air-India to take action in this regard! I have been humiliated and harassed. It is not simply the question of losing bag, but that bag has very important research material inside, without which, my 4 years of efforts in the service of Science and human welfare will be wasted. Any lawyer/attorney who could help me in this regard? Any other way to solve this problem?

Thank you Sir/Madam

The details of this case is are follows:

File number in Air India: 20512

Baggage tag: AI482081

Date of journey: 29th Dec 2007 (AI120-London Heathrow to Delhi)


Dr Sunil K Verma



42419e2c, 2008-11-02, 07:11AM CST


I almost had the same experience like you. I was wondering what are the actions that you have taken.

Did you file any case or hire a lawyer or did they give you any compensation, if so how did you apply for it....Any details will be very much appreciated.

Thank you.

8686cf25, 2008-12-23, 08:39PM CST


I read ur complaint online, hope ur matter was solved in ur favor, I will be very interested to know detail and in case it did not work out for you, I would like to include u in my network who are fighting against Air india.

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