Posted on Saturday, January 5th, 2008 at 8:38pm CST by ae567cc5

Product: Compaq Presario notebook PC - EASY REBATE

Company: STAPLES

Location: US

Category: Other

Anyone having problems with the STAPLE EASY REBATE, please comment your problem here.

I completed the $30 easy rebate on-line, as recomended by STAPLES. Now, when I try to see the status of the rebate, the system loads a HP webpage. It says that my rebate is invalid. I checked all the data I entered and it is fine.

I contacted STAPLED 'help' desk, but they say that it is not their problem. That was EASY!!!!...for them.


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760844cb, 2008-07-26, 11:49AM CDT

Google the complaints about "Easy Rebates," and you will find you're far from alone! Staples contracts with Parago Corp., out of Texas for handling their rebates. Complain to the Attornies General of Massachusetts and Texas about Staples and Parago, respectively. Enough complaints, and they will take action against them for fraud.

1d1e4241, 2008-10-12, 08:02PM CDT

they have very easy rebates. if you go back to the store you purchased your product from they should be able to see the status of your rebate and help you.

250a61af, 2009-10-30, 11:02PM CDT

I also have problem with this rebate. After long 8 weeks of waiting, I found the rebate status is in 'process' so I called and email HP. The response is as what I expected that the information is missing (serial number). I checked carefully before I mailed out the rebate and I am very certain this is not true. And sure enough, after I advised them the missing serial number they wanted me to RESUBMIT the application again. How can I resubmit the document if I already mailed the box barcode lable 2 months ago?? I am fed up with back and forth email and phone calls. Unless you copied everything and resubmit it again, it is impossible to get this kind of rebate. This is a scam, forget about getting this rebate from HP.

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