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Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2008 at 8:38pm CST by a8e625cb

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I am writing to compliant my service with DirecTV. Since I joined 2 weeks ago I have to call customer service 5 tiimes to resolve my issues

First incidence- When I got my service, JADeworld was not included in my service. When I inquired about the service, I was told that it would be 16.99 to add JAdeworld. This price confirmed my decision to join DirectTV. The rep gave me a total quote of 89.99. However, when I called after the installation, I was told that 1)JAdeworld was not added 2) it's 36.99, and that the original rep misrepresented the info when he signed me up during the initial for the sign-up. That is BAIT and switch

2nd incidence- My bill showned 7 receivers when I only ordered 6

3nd incidence- all my channel were missing, after calling back the 2nd time (the first rep was useless and finally resolving the problem. I got billed for $100

4th incidence- Had to call back to resolve billing issue from 3nd incidence

5th incidence- none of the HD channel are working. I called the 800 number and after all the automated service.. I am still on hold for 10 minutes.

I pay $130 a month and have to call every week. This is ridiculous! I had DishNetwork for several years, never had any problems with my service or billing.

As a result of all my troubles and agony, I am request a goodwill credit for $50 as well as a $5 credit per service erruption/ billing error.

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e3e13bd8, 2012-01-12, 09:43PM CST

I hate their service too! I am sitting down thinking I am finally going to relax a little bit to turn on the TV and it says searching for satellite service. I have been waiting on new episodes to come on, yet they are not recorded because there is no service... NOT HAPPY!!!

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