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Posted on Friday, January 4th, 2008 at 10:05am CST by 5ffd2443

Product: Creditt card

Company: Capital One

Location: P.O. Box 26074
Richmond, VA, 23260, US


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I have had a Capital One Card since 1999 and usually if not always paid my bills in full every month. Here in San Diego County we had a fire and many including my self had to be evacuated for several days. Some how, I misplaced or did not receive my credit card bill and did not pay it on time. The following Month I paid the full amount due and an abusive late charge. That was not the end, recently I made a large purchase thinking I would pay it off over time at the 8% or 9% rate I had with Capital One but found my rate had been adjusted to 27.15%, I also have a blemish on my credit report. I did call them and they offered to reduce the rate to 12% but I still find that abusive. If my company did business the way Capital One does, we would not be in business long.


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037f71dd, 2008-10-04, 05:56PM CDT

I get Capital One offers all the time, but WILL NEVER get a Capital One card. Like this story, I know of a man that just lost lost his business and several months later lost his wife of 35 years. He didn't have the money for the funeral. Many people donated. He deposited the money in his checking account only to find out that Capital One had taken it through a judgment. He tried explaining it to Capital One, they didn't care.

d3207ddb, 2009-03-02, 04:16PM CST

How do I contact capitol one about abuse of my capitol one banking account?

incredible c., 2012-08-12, 06:13PM CDT



My name is Cathleen Shirk, maiden name on ss# is Cathleen Conover.

I call your 1 800 # and put in my ss# which claims I have an account with you.

Please call ASAP 609 288 6277. I've had ID theft since 2003 that I know about.

This person is hacking into my computer, I found in the view history they have been to your site. If a male answers it is impossible, my husbands Deaf. They also, have a block on my getting phone calls. My home address is, Cathleen Shirk, 14 James Ave. Southampton, NJ. 08088. Please mail all information having to do with my ss#. I have a police case #. Last 4 #s of my ss# is 6727. They are using different names.


Cathleen Shirk

birth date 10 10 1967

4843cc12, 2013-08-18, 10:10PM CDT

I received this email to my email account. I talk to a capital one chat person and said nothing was wrong with my account. What I was wondering is this a scam email. Thank You

Capital One ([email protected])

Add to contacts

10:06 AM

To: [email protected]

Picture of Capital One

Capital One(SM)

Add us to your address book.

Help prevent fraud.

Log in to your account.

A new message from Capital One?

Dear Capital One OnlineSM Customer,

We have detected an unusual activity in your account.

We have temporarily de-activated your account for your own protection.

kindly update your account details as soon as possible, so we can complete your security update.

Click here to update your account

f2920973, 2013-12-03, 10:57AM CST

to whom it may concern: in november I received an e-mail from you at my roadrunner account which was just recently activated after being with another internet provider for many years. you wrote that you added another user to my account....I am afraid that someone is making purchases under my name....I have not had an account with you since I moved to maine from Maryland in 2006 or thereabouts...please check into this matter. thank you.


bette-jean crouse-perez

Alfred, me. 04002


[email protected]

scott w., 2014-01-20, 10:16PM CST

I recently received two messages, one text and one on my voicemail. Both messages were concerning my Capital One MasterCard. Both stating that my account has been locked or blocked and I should follow the link ( further correct or unlock this matter. I did neither and called the 800 number to speak with a representative. Both times a representative informed me that my account was intact and just fine.

The tx I received was sent from [email protected] and wanted me to click on the link I stated above. Curiously enough, my mobile service is with Verizon. The phone number which the call originated was not a complete 10 digit number. It read on my caller i.d. as 25363827.

My concern is not so much with Capital One Bank but with Verizon Mobile. Is it possible that some Idiot tech genius working for Verizon is trying to hack into mobile users accounts to commit fraud?

Could someone check into this matter ASAP and follow up with an email response?

Thank You,

S. Weide

Cheryl H., 2014-04-07, 06:12PM CDT

Getting phone calls from, supposedly from Capitol One ID alert, that unusual activity on my account had occurred. I was to call 800-234-3898 to see what was going on with my ID alert. According to number look up, this same call also used Citi-Bank card ID alert to get people to call back.

Keith Michael Valentine M., 2014-06-14, 03:46PM CDT

My name is Keith McKibben and I have been informed by Equifax that someone with the same name has a Capitalone credit card and is giving me a bad credit report. I don't own a Capitalone creditcard only an RBC platinum Visa since the 1980's. I may be able to give your investigators a clue on 2 points. In the early 1990's My wallet containing my SIN card was stolen from a Montreal Gym. In 2012 my email with yahoo was compromised so I now have an RCMP report no 14632 on file. This in Duncan,BC where I now live.

I am a retiree in my 80's and my wife and I take pride in having no debt. I will be obliged to have one of your fraud investigators to contact me as I consider this a serious matter.

Valerie W., 2014-07-29, 06:52PM CDT

Received call from a Harold A. Dieck stating he was from Capitol One and other Credit Card Services that they could lower my interest rates on all my credit cards. This person or persons in the back ground appear to seem like they are really calling from a litigate company. There where at least three people taking information. This call seems to be a scam.

Spoke with Credit Card Services regarding this matter. No knowledge of this information known. Reporting fraudulent cases. Please make this known.

Caller from a Harold A Dieck 1-314-367-3538. St. Louis Missouri.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

nancy K., 2014-08-20, 08:51AM CDT

I spoke to customer service today about a suspious phone #18559200708 telling me about my mastercard having issues of fraud. When I called the number it was automated and wanted my credit card number in order to get to speak to customer service. That was a RED FLAG. I then called capital one fraud devision and they advised me to give you an email about what happened. Please email me asap about this situation!!!!!!!!!

57ee84a2, 2014-09-09, 10:19AM CDT

I received a call from someone representing himself as a representative from Capital One. He stated that they were offering a lower interest rate on my card (6%). He wanted me to verify the middle eight numbers on my card. I refused and told him he needed to verify to me my card number since he was calling. He would only do the first four numbers. We went back and forth and I finally told him we needed to end the conversation. He then transferred me to his supervisor who basically stated the same thing to me. I told him also that I thought this call was a scam. He then hung up on me. I immediately called the number back and, of course, the phone continually rang with no one answering. Be aware. The phone number that the call came from is 360-778-8788.

27bbab40, 2014-09-18, 04:21PM CDT

Hello Capital One, I received a call today September 17,2014 @ 1:20pm from Florida; The number was 305-368-8497. They said they were calling from Card Services and wanted to lower my interest rate on all of my credit cards. I asked him for his name, he said my name is Chase and my job ID# is 8024. He said "I calling from visa and master card services." He said I see that you pay your card on time every month. he said your last payment was paid on September 1,2014. I said yes. He said madame go get your card and give me the number.I said sir I don't give out my number. He said madame we have so many people in our system in order for you to get the lower interest we need your card number. I said what is the interest rate? He said 0-6%, you will see it on your next bill. I gave him the last four digits of my number. he said madame we need the whole card#. He asked me for my card expiration date. I gave him my card# and date. He said hold on and don't hang up. I held on for 1-2 minutes. I asked him what was my current interest rate he said 13.24%. He said thank you madame;now give me your Walmart card#. I said what; I don't have a walmart card.He said hold on. He said I'm showing you have a visa card; I need your visa card#.I gave him the# he said it did not match now I need your pin#.i said sir I don't give out my pin#Then I became suspicious and realized I had already given him my MasterCard#. I said sir I don't give out my pin#. He said hold on again. I held on for 1-2 minutes. He said ok madame you will get a confirmation in the mail within one week. He said thank you and have a blessed day. I'm still shocked; I got my credit card bill and called Capital One @800-903-3637 9:30 pm tonight. I spoke with Marybell and explained to her what happened. she cancelled my card immediately and advised me to go on line to [email protected] and tell them. Thanks Ms Marybel. I need to cancel my visa also

f3923e7a, 2014-09-23, 02:32PM CDT


Mary M., 2014-10-21, 11:18AM CDT

I have received a e-mail thanking me for placing an order. The purchase is stated as 4433 US Dollars . It has an order number and date. The. Return e-mail address is [email protected] I did not order from that company. I did purchase from Amazon about that time of day. Both purchases were less than $100.00. I feel this is a fraud and hope it is not using my Capital One card number.. Could you monitor my account?

gail d., 2014-12-09, 08:57AM CST

I am a capital one card holder.I was contacted 12-08-2014 by someone acting as a repestenive .It was a foreign Guy stating he could lower my interest to 6.99 for life.He set in asking for my last 4 digits of my card,then my 4 digit s,security number,wanted cell phone number.I said NOOOOO.He said he was cutting my account of right then.I told him he was not capital one,he was crazy,and how in the gods name was he going to do that when he did not have my number.So I told him this is what I'm doing right now.Reporting you to capital one and the police here .I spoke with Ms.Annie in fraud dept.My computer and cable went down.She ask could I leave the Number which was on my phone.I called this day spoke with caleb.give him info.So here it is again...It was 11:41 a.m...The number on my phone said it was from Glen Head.NY. My computer was hacked before and they choose the wrong lady yesterday.It was a mess to call the nationwide alert and then have to get all your cards changed ,every thing.I Pray that Someone catches these useless people to our society and put them in Jail.I am reporting this to my local police .I do not want to be a victim of those crazy peoples scheme.It is not right and I refuse to be a Victim again.Thank You All Very Much.Merry Christmas,Happy Hoildays,And Happy New Year.P.S. Thank Ms Annie For Me.See I been in retail sales so I know everyone has a id number.something he could not give but Ms.Annie could.She was wonderful as All You Real Capital one Asscoiates have been.Thank You All Again.God Bless and Have A Blessed Week.:)

Alexander C., 2015-01-27, 12:15AM CST

Strike 1 - 2

3 days later after paying my payment about .75 years ago. I was contacted by Capital One Auto Finance at 2:30 - 3:00 AM as I was sleeping. They told me that my 3 months grace period was revoked with out contest or negotiation as "I was not making enough money to keep their Grace period" that I paid 50.00 for. I told them that it was not fair that one they should call me in the morning when I am trying to sleep and disturb me. And two that I had something that I actually paid money for something that I was told that I qualified for in the first place and then they turn around and told me that I did not qualify for it and so on.

For giving them the cause for concerns they decided to put me a month behind on payment.

Strike 3

They lied to the company that I was working to refinance my car with saying that I was 5 months negligent and that they were contemplating sending me to collections and repo'ing my car. Which the Financial institution checked my records and found that my story was holding up pretty good and their story was not holding up at all. And they let Capital One know that they were my primary Financial Institution where the money was coming from in the first place and then they got hung up on.

So all in all there is a Rule that I was told about that the other financial institution has to agree with the refinance.

Strike 4 (Happening now)

I am with an HUGE uphill battle that they wrongfully brought on me as I called them in on Monday January 5 found that their automated system was broken. And then called them on January 6 and talked to some one who was hard to understand and I was left with the understanding that my loan would be deferred till this upcoming February the 9th and that I would not have to pay any interest on the loan for this time as I was the one who did the first call to let them know about it.

Now I am getting harassment calls which is what they call "Courtesy calls" and they are not doing anything about it one Iotta and they gave me a broken phone number to call.

Soooo Yeah I am completely disgusted with Capital One at this point of time and I just want to see them brought down and brought down hard.

- Alex

c67511db, 2015-05-21, 08:49PM CDT

hello i was calling the phone number on the capitalone card 1-804-934-2001 and this all the sudden this automated call came saying "congradulations you just one 100 dollars from walmart press one to claim your card" so i did and this indian guy stated talking to me and saying for us to give you the walmart card of 100 dallers you need to pay a one time fee of 4.95, fot shipping and handling only so then he ask "what card will you use?, i said capitalone then i gave him my card number, address, email, and then he said hold on while i transer you to my manager who will give you a confirmation number then the indian guy ask me for my card number again then i gave it to him then he says hold on while i activate your card then everything went silent then he came back on and said can you spell your address for me so i did then he said hold on (silence) again then he said hold on dont hang up so that we can put you to our automated machine who will ask you some questions and you answer them i said ok, then this automated a women voice says give me your name,then adress, then ask for my card numer then i gave her my card number but swiched 2 numbers on my card and all the sudden the supposable manager came back on saying you gave the wrong number then she gave me two phone nubers the first one was to cancel if i didnt want the card then the second was there suppose (snap alarium) but the automated lady said them so fast that they thought i would not remember or write them down but i did and here they are (1-800-866-9013) and (1-800-820-0003)then they asked me if i wanted to donate 50 dollars to something that i was in no abligation to and then the manager said you suppose to say yes or no i just stayed quiet and didnt respond then i just hanged up the phone and checked it was a privae number i did hang up in the begaining and the indian guy called me up and said we must have had a connection error i found it strange that for a gift card why you have to pay and as i went along with this guy found it even stranger thank god i hung up and called capitailone and tould them about the intercepted call and was place to a nice gentleman who helped me cancel my card and report it and within 4 to 5 days while get a new card thank you very much for your help ana f.

GLENDA MOSES, 2015-05-23, 07:20AM CDT

This Glenda Moses Friday @1:39 May 22,2015 I got a phone call the guys said he is with Card Services that he can lower my interest rate on my credit cards he said I could save 1500.00 on them but it was going to cost me on my card 695.00 I told him no and he kept talking to me and I ask him let me talk to his Manger the guy said his name was DAVID JOHNSON he was talking to me about it also , I told him that I did not understand about the 695.00 going on my card then he started calling me Dumb,Cussing me out calling me Nergo, and a whole lot more bad language I can not put all the nasty language on here he was talking he told me stop crying I told him not put nothing on my credit card , he said he took 695.00 and 2000.0 on my card I did not approved for him to do that he was laughing about all this when he was cussing me out he just wanted VISA , MASTER CARD

abaa5fd9, 2015-07-23, 05:03PM CDT

For the last two days when I try to log on to Capital One on line banking a warning comes up that says exactly this "There is a problem with this website's security certificate.

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept any data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to the website" Now I am afraid to use Capital One on line banking.

Vivian R., 2015-10-01, 10:15AM CDT

I received a phone call from someone named William Miller saying he was from Capital one and he had information on lowering my APR and he just needed some information from me. He had my social security number, my mother's maiden name and my account number except for the last four digits, he got angry when I started asking him questions and yelled and said he had everything he needed, when I told him I was calling the Better Business Bureau he hung up. This is the number he called me from.1-312-442-1518. When I called the number back a message came on the phone saying this person can not come to the phone at this time.

05a770f9, 2016-02-13, 01:30PM CST

I received a phone call from phone number 830-460-2089 at 11:25 a.m. on Saturday, February 13, 2016 from a man saying he (he was a foreigner) was from my credit card company. He said they had a new program to lower my interest rate because i always pay my bill on time. He wanted my card number and i said what card number and he said your visa card, and i said what visa card, and then he said your Capital One Mastercard, i told him i was not comfortable with this phone call, then he told me the first 4 numbers of my card and asked me for the next 4 numbers, again i told him i was not comfortable with this phone call and to let me talk to his supervisor, he put me on hold for a few seconds and then someone else (another foreigner) assured me they were from Capital One, and he wanted my information, i told him i was not comfortable with this phone call and i ask him if the call was being recorded and he said yes. he still insisted i give him my information and i told him no and hung up on him. Then i called the number back and got a recording that said if you would like to be placed on a no call list press 1 now. Then i called the Capital One Customer Service number that is on the back of my card and talked to a representative who said that they DO NOT call with these offers, but since i called in, she could give me a lower interest rate for 7 months, and then she told me to go to

[email protected] to report this. Now i am afraid to have any credit cards.

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