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Posted on Thursday, January 31st, 2008 at 7:35pm CST by eff9caeb

Product: DVR HD receiver

Company: DirectTV

Location: DirecTV P.O. Box 54000
Los Angeles, CA, 90054-1000, US


Category: Other

Our high definition service was never installed properly in March 2007. We were not receiving HD service but being charged for it. We contacted DirecTV on numerous occasions, one time getting a lady telling us to live with it and that we signed a contract and we are stuck with them. She argued with my wife, so I got on the phone and she told me that she had been with the company long enough to diagnose our problem over the phone, this is after we had spent 45 minutes on the phone with their tech support. Tech support said that they need to send someone out because there was someting wrong with our system. Finally some comes out and tells us that the system was never hooked up properly in the first place, and that we would not be charged for the service charge. A month later I get another bill for the service charge. I call up direcTV and get the same type of person that I received numerous times before, giving me a hard time and telling me to pay the bill. In ten months there has been nothing but problem after problem which could have been easily fixed, although, there was always someone in customer service that had to cop an attitude. Terrible, absolutely terrible customer service. We have had three out of four people in customer service people not knowing how to perform there job. That is counting the initial DirecTV contractor that did not hook up our system correctly. He was in our house for ten hours and still didn't get it right. It is amazing that direcTV is still in business. With the service they are providing, they're are ripping people off.

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fb38bd25, 2008-10-08, 01:36PM CDT

I am just trying to find out who to talk to about changing my service or cancelling and I cannot find out who to talk to that is in charge you get a different person everytime you call and they may live in India or China but all they say is they show an active contract I pulled mine and it said 24 months which I have exceeded they say I cannot cancel. I don't want to have unsettled dispute I just want to resolve on both sides. Whatever happend to true customer service now all we get is robots that no one can ever see. Is there a local office in Birmingham area to deal with. Help

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