US Bank - Branch in Downers Grove, IL at 5100 Main St - Cash deposited at ATM disappear at US Bank Branch

Posted on Wednesday, January 30th, 2008 at 2:34pm CST by 71e1c2d4

Product: Bank

Company: US Bank - Branch in Downers Grove, IL at 5100 Main St

Location: 5100 Main St
Downers Grove, IL, 60516, US


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On 1/25/08 I deposited a check and a $100 bill in an envelope at an ATM machine in the bank's lobby. I had a bad feeling about depositing cash at an ATM, but the bank was closed at the time and the deposit envelope included a check box to mark when depositing cash so I thought it would be ok.

On 1/30/08 I checked my account online to see that the deposit had been reversed and was reapplied minus $100. I called the branch and after providing information during a first call and a call back from the bank, I received a second call from the bank during which I was told that the cash could not be found and that there was nothing that they could do. "We're very sorry for the inconvenience." The agent indicated that two tellers open the envelopes so it is not possible that it was missed.

I am very frustrated with this because US Bank clearly sanctions depositing cash by including an indication on the envelope that cash is included. US Bank then holds all the cards because there is no way for me to prove that the cash was deposited. The only evidence is the bank's security cameras, which I, of course, would not have access to... If deposits of cash cannot be guaranteed (e.g., by US Bank reviewing their security cameras to confirm that the funds were not put in the envelope or by using ATMs that count cash (like Bank of America)), then cash deposits should not be sanctioned by US Bank.

I wouldn't be so irritated if I wasn't so completely sure that bill was placed in the envelope before I inserted it into the machine. My guess is that the money was accidentally mixed into someone else's deposit (I'm too optimistic to think that it was stolen). Anyway, if you made a deposit at this branch and got 100$ extra, I guess you'll consider it a late Christmas gift...

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d16468fe, 2008-09-23, 12:28PM CDT

I went through the same couple of years ago at Chase bank, it was a drive thru atm which the bank told me it belongs to a 3rd party company, but still got my $1200 cash credited because The 3rd party company was under investigation at he time for missing cash from deposits. Now I'm going through the same with Bank of America, which as you mentioned have the new atm's where cash is counted on the spot, and I have a receit that says 4X$20 and 1X$100, and they are saying the cash is not found!! how do you like those apples...

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