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*Adam Hudetz

325 Hilbrich Dr

Schererville IN 46375*

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10440 N Central Expy Ste 800

Dallas TX 75231-2264*

*Complaint Description:*

I made a reservation thru and recieved a confirmation on 11/23/07

of my reservation, and they charged my credit card for my confirmed

reservation. After making reservations with them, I made air transportation

arrangements. Finally, 15 of my friends made reservations to the same hotel

I was confirmed at and they are confirmed. My friends booked thru another

service. On 1/3/08 I received a phone call stating my reservation had been

canceled because no longer had a contract with the hotel I was

booked with. I called them immediatly and got no satifactory solution. I

reserved, they confirmed, they chaged my credit card...this is a terrible

nighmare and I will be spend hours of my time correcting thier problem. All

they would offer is a cancelation and refund of my credit card charge of

$693.00. I need restitution of $2000 to correct this mess. Here is a copy of

my email they sent me... Booking Numbers: 050801032 Guest: ADAM

HUDETZ Need help with your reservation? Please call us anytime - day or

night. (800) 219-4606 In Europe: 00-800-1066-1066 Other destinations outside

the the U.S.: 214-369-1264 Getaway Club Puerto Vallarta All Inclusive

800-754-6835 Blvd Francisco Medina Ascenc Puerto Vallarta, MX Check-In: Mar

8, 2008 (check-in time: 3 p.m. ) Check-Out: Mar 15, 2008 (check-out time: 12

p.m. ) 1 Adults, 0 Children Standard-All-Inclusive ADAM HUDETZ Rates per

Room (excluding tax recovery charges and our service fees.) Mar 8, 2008 ----

$ 99.00 Mar 9, 2008 ---- $ 99.00 Mar 10, 2008 ---- $ 99.00 Mar 11, 2008 ----

$ 99.00 Mar 12, 2008 ---- $ 99.00 Mar 13, 2008 ---- $ 99.00 Mar 14, 2008

---- $ 99.00 Extra Person Fees$ 0.00 Tax Recovery Charges & Service Fees$

0.00 Total Charges$ 693.00 (includes tax recovery charges and our service

fees.) Payment Information Payment Method:Credit Card Card

Number:************3339 Amount Charged:$ 693.00 Balance Due:$ 0.00 All

Prices in USD.

*Your Desired Resolution:*

$2000 in settlement for all the trouble I am going thru to correct their

problem because they defaulted on our contratual agreement.


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29c20927, 2008-09-21, 09:31PM CDT

My husband I also made reservations through and experience the most horrific service a consumer could ever imagine! We are still working on getting the refund for the reservation, not to mention the other charges that my bank assessed in overages because of their negligence!

We went to Atlanta for the weekend for my husband's birthday. Originally we were only staying Friday and Saturday night. Then we thought it would be a good idea to stay Sunday night also.

We called to set things up for an additional night, but they gave a rate that doubled the first one. I told the representative at that moment: I didn't agree to the fees so DO NOT proceed the reservation, and he stated okay not a problem. However, he did completely process it and sent a confirmation email also.

I called the company 12 times ( no exageration)!

Several times I was hung up on, several times the rep. would say the request has been processed and twice the reps. stated the refund has been granted and will be posted to my account within 3-5 business days. A credit was posted to my bank account and then recharged within the next two minutes. I still have not received a credit for the second charge. Out of curiousity, I called the hotel where I was staying only for them to tell me that the company did not cancel the reservations!

I think this is horrible and no hard working customer should ever have to experience such!

I am just trying to figure out other than reporting them to BBB, what can I do to get what I feel is rightfully due to me?

f709c304, 2010-01-22, 10:01AM CST

hola por favor no seospeden nunca en el hotel sixty sixty miami beach de lo peor noaire acondicionadooooooooo

3fae641a, 2010-02-06, 10:11AM CST

I booked a room with, using my debit card. It was not ev ident when booking, that they were going to instantly take out the entire amount of my 5 day stay from my account. Meaning, I'm sure they mentioned it somewhere in very small print, but not evident at all. I also got an email with my confirmation # and all.

Then, a little while later, I get an email telling me that the property that I booked is not available. This is the property that I needed, and I would not have booked with them if it was not available!! But here's the real clincher... They keep my money!!!! They tell me that it will be up to 30 days before I get it back. I am livid!! This is a lot of money to me. They are making money off from my money for doing nothing!! They instantly take the entire stay out of my account, and then tell me that they do not have a room for mE and they will not give me my money back for up to a month!! What a SCAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh, to top it all off.... I've called them 3 times now trying to get an email confirmation of my cancellation and each time they tell me it's on it's way. Still no email. )-:

12b57978, 2011-06-16, 04:25PM CDT

it would be difficult to imagine a company with worse customer service.


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