Ruby Tuesday Restaurant - Ruby Tuesday Damaging Clothing

Posted on Thursday, January 3rd, 2008 at 1:31pm CST by ec4e666c

Company: Ruby Tuesday Restaurant

Location: 712 7th Street
Washington, DC, 20001, US


Category: Other

On Sunday December 23, 2007 my family and I had lunch at Ruby Tuesday Restaurant. When the waitress brought the food out, she carelessly spilled gravy on the $3,000 coat that I was wearing, and thus completely damaged it. The waitress did not apologize or show any concern. We promptly called the manager (Mike) who simply provided a business card and indicated that he would be calling us with details about compensation by December 28 at the latest. Unfortunately, Mike never returned the call. We called Mike again on January 1 and he indicated that he will try to reach the support center once again and report back to us. It is now January 3 and Mike has not called back. I just got off the phone with him (I called) and he informed us that he is unable to reach the center in Tennessee.

Unfortunately, it appears that this restaurant has no concern for its customers and is not willing to amicably resolve the problem. We will be pursuing legal means and will demand maximum compensation that will cover the coat as well as all moral damages, inconveniences and legal fees.


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