Dirito Brothers of Concord - Poor Customer Service

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 at 9:05pm CST by 6e5a0868

Company: Dirito Brothers of Concord

Location: Concord, Ca, US

Category: Other

I bought a car from the Dirito Brothers in Concord. The same night I bought the car the passenger door would not open. (The car is two doors). I notified the dealership as soon as I realized it. They made an appointment for me to come up on a Saturday to get it taken care of. When I arrived on Saturday (after a two hour drive) I was told that the maintenance tech's were not in on weekends but they would take a look to see what exactly was the problem. They supposedly analyzed the car and made an appointment for me to come back. About two weeks later I again made the two hour drive up to Concord. I was told that my car would be fixed. However, when I received a phone call later that day the woman told me that they had figured out what was wrong with the car and would have to order the part. This is what was suppose to happen the first trip. I again went home and came back two weeks later. I was told that they would call me when the part came in later that week, but that did not happen it took two weeks before they contacted my father who was not the contact person. I finally called them to find out the part was in already. I made another appointment and yet again drove to Concord. On this trip which took place 1-28-08 they fixed the door but then realized that the inside door lock did not work. (A problem I had already told them about). They then said they would need to order this part and call me when it came in. Hopefully by the time my door is fixed it will have taken four trips (two hours each way) and well over a month since I bought the car. These people are rude and have no remorse for their screw ups. They have offered nothing in the means of a tank of gas or anything else. I would never purchase anything from them, nor would I ever recommend them to anyone. Not even an enemy.


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