2000 Ford Focus Wagon

Posted on Tuesday, January 29th, 2008 at 5:19pm CST by e4f2fc5f

Company: 2000 Ford Focus Wagon

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I purchase a 2000 Focus on Dec 27 1999 brand new off the delivery truck at Heritage Ford in E. Palestine Ohio. I fought with them for a yr over the brakes, air conditioner freeon leaking, fuse box going bad, fuel pump is on recall along with various other recalls. I had to pay for the brakes to be replaced at my own expense after listening to them sqeal from day one, after 3 yrs I found out the air conditioner was leaking i the dash, I was told by Ford they would not take care of it, even though the freeon had leaked out before I took possession of the car. I took the recall on the fuel pump to the Ford Dealership in Florence Ky. because the car was demonstrating all the signs that the recall told me to look for. Airport Ford told me if they ran the diagnostic and the car was not acting up at the time Ford would not fix it and I would have to keep paying 86.00 dollars every time they tested it until it acted up at the time of testing, as of a month ago Ford is now saying there never was a recall on the fuel pump. I recently had the car gone over by a private company because there is now a loud roaring noise that Ford told me was the tires (which I replaced) however we discovered that the motor mounts on this car have rusted off and it will cost 500.00 to fix. We were also told that Ford has issued an air conditioner repair kit for the Focus cars at a cost of 1000.00 to the customer (me). My windshield washer fluid lines leaked for 6months after I bought the car and Heritage Ford mechanics told me that I couldn't drive the car over 40mph because the design of the car caused the fluid to leak out. When the fuse box went bad the female Service Manager of Loudon Ford in Salem Ohio told me it was because I had moved to an area that was near high tension lines, I took the car back to Heritage Ford in E. Palestine and found out the fuse box was bad, they replaced it. I, in short have purchase a lemon and I am pursueing information in the State of Kentucky (where I now live ) to file for the lemon law. I am on disability and I can not afford to replace this car yet. Recently the ignition tumbler came completely apart and the car had to be towed in and fixed at the tune of 500.00. I KNOW for a fact that these issues I have had with the 2000 Focus are issues that Ford is well aware are defects in this model. Why they hassle the public over this is a mystery and in my mind unacceptable service. I have called their 800 numbers numerous times even went so far as to gather receipts, names of dealers I have been to and all documentation available and sent in an appeals case on this car, just to be told ny some one in Mumbai India that Ford is not responsible. I would like to know why. I would also like to know if you can direct me to the head department of whatever agency in Kentucky or Ohio (since that is where the car was purchased) to pursue the lemon law. Thank you, Carol


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