Standard Chartered Bank - Poor Service from Standard Chartered Bank

Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2008 at 5:48am CST by 5eabbccd

Product: Credit Card

Company: Standard Chartered Bank

Location: Hyderabad, An, IN

Category: Other

This is with regard to the late payment charges being laid upon me even after I made the payment.

The sequesnce went like this:

1.In April 2007, I asked the Standard Chartered people to change my billing address.

2.After that I went onsite and came back in November, and to my surprise, the address was not changed.

3. I again called them up and asked to change the address and asked them to provide me Statement. I mentioned very clearly that since they didnt change the address previously, so whatever late charges they had laid had to be reverted because it was their mistake. They agreed to that. I also mentioned that unless i recieve the Statement, I am not going to pay.

4. But I got the statement only on dec 25 and to my surprise, one more month late payment charges were added to it.

And the customer care people say that I would HAVE to pay, even though it was their mistake.

This bank really "sucks" in terms of customer service. They dont realise their mistake and keep on pestering the customers. My credit history with all other banks is extremenly good and I am FED UP with SCB. Please take action.


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