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Posted on Monday, January 28th, 2008 at 1:26am CST by 0231bce5

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I live in Perm city (Russia). On November 16, 2007 I was sent a laptop via Fedex from my relative in USA to get it close to New Year as a gift. For that reason he chose International economy service of Fedex (though it costed him nearly 300 USD) with estimated delivery for 3 weeks. Later on, it became clear that delivery to Perm is impossible (though he was assured that I'll get it delivered to door) and I'd to come to customs dep. of Domodedovo airport in Moscow (it's 1.5 hour's flight from Perm) 'cause there is extra customs due to be paid due to exceeding of declared laptop price 600 USD allowed free import limit into Russia (but again missed to mention by Fedex staff at legalization of cargo). I contacted all available officials of Fedex, whose contact addresses I found in the internet: head office in Moscow, Fedex dep. in Domodedovo airport etc. The answer was to wait until they call me back since the cargo documents aren't released from customs yet. My relative, sender of the laptop, got nearly the same answer at Fedex office in USA with minor difference that they missed to mention some facts when legalizing the cargo and the only thing they can do for him is to return it back without compensation of expenses made for delivery. However, I'm afraid that it'll be completely lost somewhere on the way if he demands it back so it's better to wait till final victory. What about time limits!? Forget about it. They'll keep it as long as they wish and thank the God if you get it at all. My conclusion is if you want to test your patience use Fedex service and imagine that you've donated your own money for prosperity and development of Fedex!!!


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