Blue Ridge Hobbies - Blue Ridge Hobbies credit card rip off--DO NOT BUY FROM INTERNET

Posted on Sunday, January 27th, 2008 at 12:50pm CST by 911e6795

Company: Blue Ridge Hobbies

Location: 2327 N. Pleasantburg Dr.

URL: http://www.BlueRidgeHobbies.Com/

Category: Online Shopping

Ordered merchandise over the internet from website. Merchandise did not arrive. Inquired. Business manager charged my credit card--FIRST time. Complained to business email address. Got nasty email from business manager then he CHARGED CREDIT CARD TWICE. Still no merchandise. Cancelled order. Got more nasty email from business. Was told they charged a RESTOCKING FEE for merchandise they had not even shipped yet.


Still no refund on credit card. Will be calling the police.


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84e7c052, 2008-02-20, 05:48PM CST

There are two sides to every story!

We pride ourselves in our customer service and have thousands of customers who would agree!

In this case, this persons credit card billing address did not verify. This, in our 2 attempts to correct this situation, we attempted to get an authorization twice and failed.

When trying this, her credit card compnay issues a funds hold for "x" number of days. This hold should have, by now, dropped off.

Since this person did not intially respond to two days of emails or voicemails to correct the address problem, finally responded on a Monday with the same incorrect information, we called them.

She still did not give Blue Ridge Hobbies an alternate address to verify as correct. Claiming that we already recieved the funds, which is not true. She advise me that she was going to contact the police and she ended the call.

In our attempt still to correct this problem and get the merchandise to the customer, we again contacted them via email and recieved an email threatening still police action and not to contact her again.

We still have the product awaiting the correct credit card information.

Also, we do have a restocking fee, but in this case, it would not apply.

Frank Ruby

Customer Service Manager

Blue Ridge Hobbies

56c48c85, 2009-12-21, 07:19PM CST

Hi: I have made numerous purchases from this company and have never had a problem. I would recommend them to anyone looking for resonable pricing on model train items. My suggestion to the previous complainer is swollow yor pride and contact them. Say you sorry even if you are't and work out your differences. I do no believe you can go wrong doing the right thing as it appears Blue Ridge is trying to do. Thanks for allowing me to vent. [email protected]

01e09f6c, 2011-01-12, 11:19AM CST

Nice. All you can do is complain. Try calling them and get it straight. Maybe your cc was out of date, over the limit or over extended jsut like these comments. Grow up and take responsibilty for your actions. Most Americans jsut gripe and then expect a handout. Get up, excersise and read so that you are educated. Sheesh. I'm so tired of the entitlement mindset. You are never wrong, it has to be someone else's problem.

16d6c9d0, 2011-02-09, 07:22AM CST

In the original poster's defense, I too have had a horrible experience with BRH.

The owner is stubborn and totes his "30+ years of experience in customer service" but excludes the "customer is always right" part, especially when the customer is right!

So many times I've explained how the mix-up could have occurred and he twisted the story so inaccurately when he re-iterated it.

Two major issues:

1) BRH shipped a backorder to the wrong address (no email was received despite having received emails from BRH in the past and other vendors with similar systems. I only knew the package had been received and shipped because it showed up on a statement but I never received anything) because they failed to update the shipping information which had changed (while the product was still on backorder) along with the billing addresse (The credit card was charged so he conveniently updated that but forgot to update the shipping address). Refused to even admit that there was the slightest possibility of an error on their end.

2) Gave the customer the run-around with another advanced order. Claimed products were on back order even though the manufacturer/distributor had them in stock for over a month and in huge supply and had filled all orders with BRH.

As others have suggested to the original poster, I was diplomatic and calm about the situation and attempted to resolve it. I exercised restraint for a 3-month period, getting updates on the status of the case involving the package which was shipped to the wrong address. One of the most stressful 3 months ever experienced.

Buyer beware!

468028d0, 2011-12-28, 02:19PM CST

I too have had a bad experience with BRH. My main complaint is they listed things in stock that were not kept in stock, with a none-too-obvious caveat explaining that 'in stock' means it'll be ordered post haste (if you have to order once I've placed my order then it is NOT in stock). BRH should either halt the practice of saying items are in stock that will have to be ordered or make a greater effort to make potential buyers aware by posting openly and plainly what they believe 'in stock' means. Next, as they list something in stock before they order it the customer can't know that an item will be back ordered, which it was. The order was to be part of a present for the holidays but obviously it did not arrive. I called to find out what the issue was and was told that they could not get the part as it was back ordered. I waited some more. Finally, weeks later, during another phone call to find out the status of the delay the individual on the phone became extremely difficult, contradicting me as though he were present when I placed the order and stated emphatically that I was incorrect about information only I could possess! Remarkable (and not in a good way).

3f30fa72, 2012-03-30, 06:05AM CDT


Without specifics, it is very hard to respond. We can only respond as to how a normal order is handled. First, during the holiday season, we make every attempt to get all orders filled for delivery on the last delivery day prior to Christmas. Most online orders that are needed by Christmas have a note in the comment area to this effect. If there would be a potential problem with getting an order filled by Christmas, we would have called the customer to advise them and let them make the decision as to what to do with an order. Regarding in stock vs. out of stock. We update our web site database daily by 8am during business days. So the inventory availability is correct as of 8am. This can change at 8:01am, but again, not knowing the order specifics is hard to respond. Customer orders via BRH give us the direction as to how to handle their order. This forum does not allow me to go into the options a customer has with an order processing procedure.

So the bottom line here is that the orders are processed based on the responses and information provided in a shopping cart order. If a customer order 10 of an item and we only get 1 of the ten from our wholesalers or manufacturers, we usually do not know this until the order arrives from them for processing. Also, wholesalers make mistakes in shipping as well. Again, not knowing it is hard to respond.

If you have any questions, feel free to review the online store policies or call us.

Also, we have an A rating with the BBB and no issues or complaints for the last three years. We have thousands of customer with many repeat and new customers. 99.9% of our customers are satisfied. We pride ourselves with our customer service, pricing and overall way we do business.

Again, if there are any questions, call. Must situations can be fixed. Not all, but most!

Frank Ruby


Blue Ridge Hobbies

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