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Posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2008 at 6:05pm CST by d3323709

Product: hotel

Company: comfort suites of martinsburg

Location: martinsburg, wv, US

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My husband and I stayed at the "Comfort suites of Martinsburg" this past new years eve.We went to west virginia to see the horse races at Charlestown and have some fun with the slots.Every hotel around had no vacancy except this one.My husband signed us in and payed with my credit card.although we are smokers we were given a nonsmoking room due to the lack of rooms.On new years day my husband and I had an arguement in the room which made me a little edgy so I opened the window and had a cigarette.Before we checked out we cleaned the room thoroughly & even sprayed perfume to mask whatever faint smell of smoke may have been in the room.Three weeks later I received my credit card statement in the mail showing the charge for the room, which was $119 and then another charge for $150,which also caused my card to go past my credit limit, thus was charged an overlimit fee.I called the manager at the hotel to inquire on this and he informed me that they had subtantial evidence of smoking and that they had to hire an extensive cleaning crew to come in & deep clean the room.I explained the situation,and having had worked in the hotel buisiness before I knew the manager was overexagerating and offered to pay a more resonable fee(maybe $20?)He told me that another company was in charge of making these fees & that it was out of his hands.Icalled the other company & was told by 2 different people that the only buisiness that they have with COMFORT SUITES OF MARTINSBURG is that they provide a 1800 # for them,COMFORT SUITES is independently owned & they have nothing to do with there billing.Obviously Im gonna have to dispute this with the credit card company.I certainly knew nothing of there $150 smoking fee or I wouldnt have dared to calm my nerves with a cigarette.My husband signed the room papers but didnt see any outrageous statements on it,either it was in FINE print or wasnt there at all.Anyhow I find this to be a quite ridiculous, and unauthorized charge.What do you think?

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3154b560, 2008-11-20, 09:59AM CST

As of May 1st, 2007 all 433 domestic Comfort Suites have went non-smoking. This includes the rooms and all public areas of Comfort Suites. You were aware of being placed into a nonsmoking room and still smoked, whether the window was open or not. As a nonsmoker, I can tell you the smell of cigarette smoke lingers in a room for days. $150 is a reasonable cleaning fee for your carelessness. What if the next guest would have been highly allergic to the cigarette smoke you left lingering and would have died from breathing issues? Would you still worry about your $150? I have seen hotels charge a higher damage fee from smoking in a nonsmoking room! Please remember to observe the rules others set when you are not in your own home and don't complain when you break them and are punished. When you break rules there are consequences.

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