Terrible KLM Flight

Posted on Saturday, January 26th, 2008 at 10:15pm CST by b7363266

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Dear KLM Authority,

I want to describe you what I have experienced during my flight with your airline 5 weeks ago. I had a flight from Chicago to Istanbul through Amsterdam on December 20th, 2007 (KL 612 from Chicago to Amsterdam and KL1613 from Amsterdam to Istanbul). My first flight from Chicago to Istanbul was delayed about an hour and after a long trip, I arrived to Amsterdam on December 21st, 2007 at 09:20AM. I had a seat next to the exit and when the door was opened, a KLM representative announced that Istanbul passengers should not waste their time in the airport and should immediately go to their gate because the plane was waiting for them. Meanwhile, the original flight time of Istanbul plane was 09:05AM. After that announcement, I ran to my gate but I realized that the plane has already left the gate more than 15 minutes ago which meant that the previous announcement was completely wrong. Following, I went to the transfer point in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to reschedule my flight. However, due to delays, there were more than 200 people in line before me. I waited in the line more than 2.5 hour and finally, I requested a ticket to Istanbul. However, your representative was so rude and he tried to give me a ticket next day although I have explained that I came from a long trip (from Chicago). In addition, I knew that your airline had a flight on that day at 9:00PM. She, your representative, did not rebook me to that plane. I was given a ticket next day at 6:45AM. Following, I realized that no hotel reservation was made for me. Then, I wanted to talk with the director of her whose name was M.J. Schot and he was also rude and told me that they could not make a reservation because I missed the plane due to weather conditions. But that was completely a lie because my flight was not canceled and there was not even a delay for my flight. Although I discussed with him and your representative on the desk, they did not make a reservation for me and finally, they told me that I had to wait in the airport for the next day flight, exactly 21 hours. I was so irremediable and started to find a comfortable chair to sleep after coming from Chicago. After 13 hours in the airport, I wanted to check my ticket for the next day and realized that ticket was to Paris, France and from Paris to Istanbul. But I could not fly to Paris because I did not have a Schengen Vise. I am a Turkey citizen and your representative and Mr. Schot saw my passport and they did not even asked if I have a vise. I am sure that that behavior was intended and it was not a mistake. Because I definitely believe that your representatives know that a passenger without Schengen vise may not fly to Paris. Then, I went to your desk about 09:00PM, as I said before after I waited more than 13 hours in the airport. Then, I waited in the line 2.5 hours, again and an announcement was made by your representatives. They stated in the announcement that they would close the desk and would open at 6:00AM next day. After 13 hours, I had no ticket because Paris ticket was not valid for me without a Schengen vise. I stayed overnight in front of the desk during night because there were hundreds of people. Of course, I could not sleep in front of the desk on the floor. Next day, at 6:15AM I was talking with another representative from your company and was stating that I had been waiting more than 21 hours in the airport and I wanted to change my ticket because I could not fly to Paris. After her answer, I was shocked again because she told me there was no available place for me in the Istanbul flight at 9:00AM. Thus, she gave me a piece of paper and I had to give that paper to another stewardess in the gate and he/she may give me a seat if someone else would miss that flight. At that time, I was so tired, their behavior was discreditable. Then, I waited more than 2 hours in front of the gate and gave that paper to the stewardess and again, waited an hour more. Finally, after all passengers went aboard, I was told that I could also enter to the plane because there was an available seat for me. Could you imagine how it was stressful and burdensome to wait an additional an hour in the gate after exactly 24 hours in the airport without knowing whether I could fly to Istanbul in that plane. I request you to compensate that terrible story and your faults in the Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. I will be waiting for an immediate answer for my letter.

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784909dc, 2008-11-17, 01:39PM CST

That is truly shocking, words can't really do justice. Were you ever compensated?

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