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Posted on Friday, January 25th, 2008 at 9:31am CST by 80171694

Product: In Ground Pool

Company: Anthony Sylvan Pools

Location: 7151 Preston Road Suite 135-A
Frisco, TX, 75034, US


Category: Other

I contracted with Anthony Sylvan Pools in Dallas, TX to construct an inground pool for me because they were a large established company that offered excellent value and support at the time of purchase. But shortly into the pool construction things started going sour. My original project manager was moved to another area and his replacement seemed to take little interest in the construction details. Heavy rainfall delayed the pouring of the patio deck and in an effort to rush things they poured the deck when the ground was still too wet. As a result the deck coating crew refused to coat the deck because they said the concrete had not cured properly. Anthony Sylvan then came in and chipped up half of my deck and repoured it, in the process they left the supporting rebar laying on the sand bed rather than elevating it. Within a year that section of deck was cracking and the coating flaking off. The portion that didn't require repouring was just perfect. After many calls they sent someone out who just spackled over the cracks and painted over the flaked coating. This repeated at least twice over the next year with me asking for a more definitive repair. Finally they informed me that the 2 year warranty had expired and they wouldn't cover any repairs to the deck. Not only that but their rep told me that they always lay the rebar flat on the sand and that the rebar supports where just for inspection. Their position was that the damage was caused by shifting soil, despite the fact that the half of the deck on the exterior (hillside) of the pool area that was not replace remains pristine as does the original patio attached to the house. Throughout 2007 I went round and round with them. I contacted the original coating people (SunDeck) for an estimate of repairs and they verbally told me that that coating should have lasted 10 years and that it shouldn't be flaking off as it is so soon. When I didn't get the quote when promised from SunDeck I contacted them and they said that Anthony Sylvan had taken it and I would have to get the quote from them. It took approximately a month to get the quote from Anthony Sylvan and approximately a month to get an agreed upon unbiased contractor to review the damage also. This unbiased contractor (frequently used by Anthony Sylvan) reported back to them stating that the damage could of be caused by normal shifting (he confirmed to me that rebar should be elevated but I had no proof that it hadn't been) and Anthony Sylvan kept to the same old line that they were not responsible for the damage even thought the unrepaired portion of the deck (on a hillside that would be more likely to crack) remains perfect and unmarred.

Without a doubt this company had the worst post install customer service of anyone that I have recently dealt with. My troubles began when the project manager was replaced during construction and unfortunately the replacement project manager also became my warranty contact during the first two years I owned the pool. My position is that:

1. If Anthony Sylvan had initially poured the concrete in the proper conditions there would not have been a problem

2. If Anthony Sylvan had had properly set the rebar during the repour of the deck there would not have been a problem

3. If Anthony Sylvan had addressed the issue appropriately when initially reported instead of band aiding it, it would have been repaired within warranty

4. If Anthony Sylvan had looked at the evidence with an unbiased eye and conducted the repairs I would be singing their praises rather than commenting on their inadequate customer support.


10340a48, 2008-09-23, 07:18PM CDT

I am also a pool builder. The pool builder was not telling you a story about the chairs inder the rebar. They are only used for inspection. When the concrete is delivered it is usually wheeled in with wheel barrows. At that time the chairs are folded under and the concrete company is supposed to lift the steel to the center of the concrete after the concrete is dumped before troweling it out.

I don't know about the rest of your problems but it most likely has more to do with the company that did the overlay. If the concrete was not prepared properly before spraying on the material then it will flake off. Sundeck should fix it under warrantee. The pool builder should go to bat for you and get it taken care of. The question I have is how are you treating the pool builder? It is easier to get what you want if you are being reasonable with them. They should take care of it regardless of your relationship with them though.

3a4d4ce9, 2009-01-22, 11:02PM CST

I had my $40,000 pool installed the summer of 2007, and it was a nightmare! I thought that spending the extra money would guarantee quality with fewer problems, but I was wrong. Without going into detail, BEWARE! the company basically gets all of their money before they will plaster the pool. I was powerless to fight them...either I paid before the job was competed to my satisfaction, or the pool would not be finished. Even when it was finished there were problems that took another year to finish. Then I was notified that I still owed them money after the C.O. was gotten! I nearly cried, and cursed them out in my head! I havent paid the rest because I just dont have the money right now. so I guess that I don't have any warranty since I owe them apx. $250. out of almost $40,000. I don't understand how these businesses stay in business. So, BUYER BEWARE, make sure you have control of final payment to a company AFTER the job is completed.

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