Kelly Chrysler Jeep - SEVERE PRICE GAUGING!!!

Posted on Thursday, January 24th, 2008 at 5:34pm CST by c4c41923

Company: Kelly Chrysler Jeep

Location: 353 Broadway Rte 1 North
Lynnfield, MA, 01940, US


Category: Other

On the 23, Jan. I took my 2000 Jeep Cherokee in for service, as I was having problems getting the brake lights to work. After the mechanics ran the diagnostic ($92) I was called to say that I would need $700 worth of work JUST ON THE LIGHTS! I was told that both tail lights needed to be replaced ($436) That the brake light switch needed to be replaced ($122) and two brake lights ($18) I then told them that I'd like to take it for a second opinion. The "advisor" then instucted me that I ALSO needed new front brakes, ($345) a rear pinion seal ($190) and a rt rear axle seal ($310). I then called around to another VERY reputable mechanic, who told me to bring it in ASAP. I picked the car up, paid the ($92) and took it to the OTHER mechanic. In the end the OTHER mechanic replaced ONE light ($149) replaced the brake light switch ($24) and a gap hider ($2). The best part is that he needed to get the brake light switch from the dealership (Kelly) and that was done for ($24) NOT ($122) This situation is DISGUSTING! If I'd not had the opportunity to take it to another mechanic, I'd have been up the creek. This sort of thing is the norm with dealerships. They think that if they inflate the price enough, you'll say to hell with it and buy a brand new car.

By the way, the brakes rotars were just replaced in Dec. '07


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