Geico Insurance - Geico Insurance won't Pay what they owe

Posted on Wednesday, January 23rd, 2008 at 11:04pm CST by f403e04d

Product: 1999 Limited 35th Anniversary Edition Mustang GT Premium with Multiple Mods

Company: Geico Insurance

Location: One GEICO Plaza
Washington, DC, 20076, US


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I'm begging for your help!

GEICO Indemnity Insurance Claim# 0282533490101028

My car was totalled by a negligent driver on August 10, 2007 Geico deemed it a total loss when there was much more damage discovered first week of September when Geico finally gave a green light to do the work. Geico had waited for 2 weeks before even having an estimate. They told me they would send out an adjuster to the Body shop to look at the car. They never did. Then they threatened to cut me off from the Rental car because the body shop hadn't given them an estimate. THEY SAID THEY WERE SENDING SOMEONE OUT!!! The preliminary estimate came in stating there was more likely a LOT more damage, including the need for a new transmission (the car was parked in first gear when it was struck) and when the frame was pulled the car buckled. It's toast. The car is not repairable according to the body shop, who is extremely reputable. (and Geico declared it unrepairable/total loss)

They totalled my car and said they would no longer pay for the Rental.

I had no other car to drive. I had to use the partial payment they had given me to buy a car (a much lesser car I might add) and now I have a car payment when I had a fully paid off car valued by a June appraisal at $18900.00 (after much work was done and a basically all-new motor was installed. There were only approx 3000 miles on the motor when it was hit). Now, after almost 6 MONTHS of them ignoring me....they're trying to come back at me and say they want to see if the car can be repaired and give me the rest of the difference. HOW CAN THEY DO THIS??? If they would have repaired it to begin with I wouldn't be stuck with a car payment!!! I just want the rest of the value of my car and I'm tired of them dragging this out! I find it funny that the 4th largest insurance company in the Automotive industry can't pay a claim! Don't they advertise being the #1 in Claims satisfaction??? I think that's 100% FALSE ADVERTISING.

I just need them to pay me and stop dragging their feet.


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fecf6d6f, 2008-03-31, 09:19PM CDT

Call the total loss department @ 8006914312

a603dbc5, 2008-03-31, 09:24PM CDT

Call your adjuster and ask for a supervisor. You can also call the total loss dept @ 800-691-4312, your claims office 800-905-2524, or call the person who did your original estimate. Keep in mind what the total loss guidelines are for your state. This info can be found thru the insurance commissioner website, or by referring to your own policy. If you have the receipt for the new engine address that with that auto damage adjuster.

7605c3bd, 2008-12-23, 02:08PM CST

#1 in claims satisfaction...yeah right...not even with long term customers!

I'm going thru a similar situation right now and am not the least bit happy. At least I have the power of ink in my court, I run a newspaper in the Atlanta market and have a captive audience

16e28ab1, 2009-10-13, 11:58PM CDT

I don't believe any of this.

FIRST: Mustangs DO NOT have frames that can be straightened. They are a unibody car.

SECOND: Except in very few areas, Geico does NOT send out people; they take the estimates that you get and provide to them.

THIRD: Unless you buy extra insurance for modifications to your car, they are not covered (by ANY insurance company. That is "common knowledge" and it is clearly written into every auto policy.

74b5be92, 2010-11-10, 10:12AM CST

Actually, had you purchased "gap" insurance you wouldn't have to worry. It is difficult to ascertain what truly happened with only one side of the story.

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