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Company: Commonwealth Adoption -Head Office Tucson, AZ

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We started the adoption process in early 2007. We had found that Commmonwealth seemed very "available" to answer questions, lend support etc. As each of us know who is adopting or has adopted, this processs in not only complicated but very stressfull and emotional. As perspective parents we hope that adoption agencies put the children and adoptive parents "first" Our story is this, we followed direction of Commonwealth. Filled out the application, filled out the I-600 A for immigration, paid our fees. The application fee was $200.00 then before you can enter in to a prgram you must pay $2,000.00-we did. We were advised to enter in to the Taiwan program because of shorter wait times on an infant, then we were advised 6 weeks later that the program closed so they changed us to the Viet Nam program, about 2 months later they called us and told us it was closed. They then advised us to go in to the Ethiopian program because it was new and that we would be treated with "kid gloves" and that Commonwealth was very excited to have this program. We switched to this program. We didn't hear anything for about 6 weeks so we called the head coordinator Leslie Gose who told us that "the program was not "completely" finalized and that it would be in about 2 more weeks" We waited 1 month. We contacted Commonwealth. Leslie Gose called us(as to avoid a paper trail) and told us that they did not have approval to be in Ethiopia to do adoptions. We were advised by Leslie Gose of commonwealth that we should "go with the domestic program" We did not want to do this especially after we were told that 90% of the babies that they adopt out were from inmates from their local prisons. We were also told that over 50% were of drug addiction mothers/fathers. We advised Ms. Gose that this was not a good choice for us. After this disappointing process, misinformation and unnecessary delay we requested a refund of our $2,000.00 since the only part that Commonwealth had done was look at our application. That is IT. We had paid an application fee of $200.00 as well as Immigration $680.00. We were told this: "we don't do refunds...we have to pay for marketing, salaries etc and you can go with the domestic program, that is all we have to offer. It seems that consumers, parents should have some sort of recourse. They have parties, reunions...send multiple emails to thousands of people, they do tons of expensive advertising....all in VAIN? Using our money. They are allowed to LIE to us, emotionally traumatize us and then keep our money? It doesn't seem ethically or morrally right. this may seem like a small amount of money but when families adopt sometimes they have spend thier life savings prior on invitro fertilization and have to turn to adoption. This is alot of money for us. We don't want this to happen to anyone else.

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2d20baa9, 2008-07-10, 02:25PM CDT

Of course due to confidentiality issues we cannot point out all of the inaccuracies contained within this statement. What we can assure anyone who is reading this is that this information is not only inaccurate, but also many points are blatantly false. Thank you for considering that there are always at least two sides to every story. Commonwealth does everything possible to share accurate and factual information as it changes in various countries and we will continue to strive toward providing families with excellent care and service.

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