Sears - Sears continues to charge us; without us ever receiving Clothes Dryer

Posted on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008 at 11:40am CST by 9ce45223

Product: Dryer Kenmore 29 inches

Company: Sears

Location: Sears National Customer Relations 3333 Beverly Road Hoffman Estates, IL 60179
Hoffman Estates, IL, 60179, US


Category: Other

In October of 2007, my husband and I ordered a Kenmore Dryer online at When It arrived, I realized that even though it was the right size for the room, I had ordered a dryer that would not fit through the doorway. The delivery man called his office. They explained to me that I could return the item, receive a credit so the charge would be dropped off of our credit card. Then we could order a dryer of the correct size.

Since then I was told it would take a month for the charge to be taken of the card. I waited. Then I was passed around between the credit card departments and the sales departments.

I tried to order another Dryer, it was a disaster. The computer system went down during the purchasing process, the online sales reperesentatives had to give up, even though I tried to order a dryer 5 times.

I???ve since decided, I just want my credit restored.

Once again, today I tried.

I made a Phone call to Sears in respect to incorrect charge 1 800 917 7700

1/21/2008 Tuesday day after MLK birthday Keisha, per Keisha and her manager. has to Issue the credit 617.31. They told me to call the to have them issue the credit.

Then I called

9:23 1/21/2008 1 800 349-4358; system is down per clerk Sherian she requested I call back in an hour.

Called back, spoke with Lauran 10:48 1/21/2008 asked me to call back in a half an hour said no one could access the system.

Called back 11:40 1/21/2008 per Samantha computer not back up.

As you can see the calamity continues. I would appreciate someone, a manager, looking into this matter for me. As soon as the system is available. I do not want to have to wait and have my credit ruined because of Sears errors.

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3f5a58ae, 2008-08-04, 01:25PM CDT

We purchacesd a LCD television in November 2006, with an Master Protection Agreement. In May of 2007 the TV stopped working and when I called for service, They sent me a new Lamp for the TV and said we could fix it ourselves.In February of 2008 , we had the same problem with the TV and again the service technition ,over the phone told us it was the lamp and that we would have to purchase a new $368.09.When I asked why we had to pay for it being we had the maintinence agreement , he said it was not covered.I paid the $368.09 with a credit card(not counting the interest)On the 22 of July 2008 a technition came to our house because we were yet again having the same problem.He told us it was NOT the lamp and we shouldn't have been charged for it because it WAS covered under the maintinance agreement.

After several phone calls, writing to National Customer Relations and again more phone calls, I have not come up with one single person who can help me.They just keep handing me over to another department, which also can't help me.. Could someone please tell me who I'm suppose to talk to to be reinbursed my $368.09.Please don't tell me the Parts Department..I talked to them 3 times and each time they transferred my call and 1 time actually hung up on me.I spent 3 1/2 hours on the phone this morning, 8/4/08, and talked to at least 12 people, not counting the wait for each call and each person said that this was not their department and transfered me to another department.I also talked to someone from the National Customer Relations and even she said the same thing..She couldn't help me wasn't her department and she wanted to transfer me to the Parts Department...Hahahaha Also, I am still waiting for my television to be repaired.It has been 2 weeks since the technition was here and had to order parts. if I don't get a response soon,,I will take other steps to get not only my $368.09 back but also the cost of the television.

Thank you,

Kathleen Clark

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