Yellow Cab - Taxi's in Halifax (Yellow Cab)

Posted on Sunday, January 20th, 2008 at 1:42am CST by 59ff6b89

Company: Yellow Cab

Location: Halifax, No, CA

Category: Other

I was completely appalled by the treatment of a cab driver from Yellow cab service in Halifax, N.S. After he had picked us up he was so rude it was embarrassing. We had asked that he take us to our destination and we then asked if he would mind stopping along the way, he became very errogant, as if he was unhappy in his job. I said don't worry about it that he didn't have to stop. He said well if you don't like it I can let you out now, I replied that it was ok we are here now .... he proceeded to take the long route to my destination which I overlooked, I asked if he had a business card with which he replied NO... so i asked for his cab number with which he replied 49999 and I asked him to repeat it... he was very aggitated at this point. As we approached our destination he punched in an amount of .50 to which I asked what that was for and he replied ... THE OTHER PASSENGER... ok... so as we were at our destination the amount was $19.60... I had given him $20.00 to which I felt he deserved NO tip so I waited for my change... he searched for .40 and couldn't find it so had to give me $1.00 back .. I thanked him and he seemed very annoyed by this and speed away. I do not beleive that a professional taxi service would employ or be affiliated with an individual such as this.


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81e2750f, 2008-06-06, 01:32PM CDT

Could you coment on the ethinic background of tghe cab driver . There are lots of Asian friend of mine who drive cabs, I am hoping this one is not one of those.

e7ec3081, 2009-10-24, 09:58AM CDT

yeah i know i have called and filed a complaint in yellow cab here in austin texas one cab driver did'nt turn his meter on and griped me out and used threatening behavior while takeing me to work i always order cab service two or three days ahead ,this past thursday it was raining hard and the cab drivers would'nt take my order finally i told dispatch look i ordered this services three days ago and i was gonna contact a lawyer about this if they did'nt come get me .my rides are short ones but i am a woman who does'nt need to be out walking the streets at 5:30 in the morning by herself we all have rights to cab service but they always make me feel like i am a nobody.i have called the general manager over them and can't get a phone call back.wish i knew who to contact to get some results.these cab drivers have no right brow beating their customers no matter what the trip is and someone needs to put a stop to that..

b7e7d853, 2011-09-05, 03:53PM CDT

why don't you complain to the mangement. It seems like the cab driver wasn't informed about the rules and regulation in regards to taxi by-laws. I fequently take cabs in halifax. the $.50 is charged for extra passengers. this price is set by the taxi commission not the taxi driver or the company. Secondly,the passenger can request the driver to take the route of there choice. if you did not mention that to the driver than i don't think the poor driver had telepathic abilities to read your mind. In addition there was no need to ask his number or card if you were not impressed with his service. it seems like you were aggrevating the driver intentionally. furthermore, he gave you a $1.00 back (as per your statement) so you still owe him $.60. I wonder what did he do wrong????... I am not protecting the driver but just logically to me he didn't do any wrong its just that you didn't understand him and he didn't understand you....

263e6be2, 2012-05-24, 02:25PM CDT

I had a similar experience. Excpet when my guy drove away he swore at me callled me very abusive names and then asked me if I liked that. I was so scared. I will never be taking yellow cab again.

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