Verizon is trying to collect on a contract I did not sign

Posted on Wednesday, January 2nd, 2008 at 9:38pm CST by 1965c93c

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Location: 205 Gateway Dr.
Murfreesboro, TN, 37127, US

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Verizon Wireless Account Number: 30780509500001

Amount in Dispute: $414.10

To Whom It May Concern:

For over 3 years, since the death of my wife and the mother of my two young children (Austin 9 and Hayley 6) Verizon Wireless has harassed me and ruined my credit. They are demanding payment of $414.10; saying that they have a signed contract, by me. I know for a fact that I never signed a contract with Verizon on the date in question ever!

I have made over 20 attempts in writing, via fax and by telephone, for over 3 years, to obtain a copy of the contract stating I owe them $414.10. This matter would have been resolve if they would simply provide me a copy of the signed contract. I have contacted the Credit Bureau who all referred me back to Verizon.

The reason they will not provide me a copy is, in fact, on July 20, 1998 (The date that Verizon says I signed a contract with them) I was living in California and my wife was living in Tennessee (The contract was signed in Tennessee). On this date, I was living in CA waiting for my company to relocate me to TN. Please note that my original agreement was with GTE in California which was apparently acquired by Verizon.

After my wifes death, I paid off all of my creditors, sold my house in order to downsize so I could be close to my children during this difficult time. I even paid the Verizon account that was associated with my phone number 615-477-7100. Interestingly, they said that there wasnt any signed contract with this account that was transferred over from GTE to Verizon in a business deal.

Interestingly, the account in question for $414.10, that Verizon says has my signature on it, is associated ONLY with telephone number 615-330-4204 which was my deceased wifes phone. This phone was also originally with GTE prior to moving to TN.

I am not and will not pay for this alleged contract without proof that it is my signature. Verizon has significantly complicated this issue by insisting I have a contract with them and failing to provide me a copy of the contract. This could have been taken care of 3 years ago.

This matter has gotten completely out of control. I cant get a loan for a new car, or buy a house because Verizon has ruined my credit.

Please assist me in removing these inaccurate derogatory credit reports, resolving this contract issue so I can simply pay off this obligation, if appropriate, so our family can get on with our new life.

Gilbert Janke


a3322ddf, 2008-02-05, 05:43PM CST

Hi there,

Just read about your unfortunate issue with Verizon.

I have a link for you to look up:

The site has the phone number of the Verizon executives. Rumor has it if you call to the office of the president/ceo, the executive assistant who answers will get you to a high level person to resolve your problems.

Good Luck!

899b2504, 2008-09-27, 12:49PM CDT

Just to advise if your wife signed the contract and she was an authorized user on your account you would be responsible for actions she took including signing a contract. As your legal wife she can enter into a contract on your behalf. I am sure if this is the case, if there even is a contract but if it is only for her line it would make sense. Also if the line stayed on your account for sometime and was paid for monthly then it would insinuate you were aware it existed and of course every line with every carrier requires a contract. I would attempt to settle the account. The ETF should be around $175 offer the amount due minus the ETF and see if they will settle.

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