Radio Shack - Radio Shack: poor return policy and poor customer service

Posted on Friday, January 18th, 2008 at 7:12pm CST by 342b3c87

Product: TomTom One 3rd Edition

Company: Radio Shack

Location: Stockbridge Road
Great Barrington, Ma, 01230, US


Category: Other

I attempted to return a defective GPS system to Radioshack. I have the reciept and am within the required time frame. I do not have the original packaging, however I have all other papers that were included in the packaging.

The product comes packaged in a hard to open plastic case that is then very sharp when opened.

Radio Shack will not take this back for a refund because there is no outer packaging. The unit is defective.

I do not want to wait while my unit is sent out for repair. I also do not want to repurchase another Tom Tom One and then return this one. I will still be left with a $150 product that I do not trust. Since trust in a GPS is important when traveling I do not see where the only solution provided to me is helpful.

The customer service provided by the first service clerk was good. The customer service provided by the manager on duty was ridiculous. He was rude and unhelpful. When he noticed me take down his name he became even less helpful and extremely rude.

I would never again do buissness with this company.


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bf52a941, 2008-02-08, 08:26PM CST

i work at radioshack and it seems if you were within the 30-90 days a helpful manager would do a simple swap. Especially if you bought it from the same store you are trying to return it to.

a9d17e4c, 2008-03-21, 06:07PM CDT

I too work at Radioshack, and I agree that any decent manager would have swapped it out for you, but it seems as if that is not good enough. You said the item was DEFECTIVE, therefore you need to get one that actually works.

I'm sure the reason he wouldn't accept it without packaging is because we won't get our money back through RMAC if we don't have the UPC (this is standard return practice no matter where you go, seeing as how companies are starting to require the UPC in order to recieve many types of rebates).

From now on, just keep the UPC of the products, you don't have to keep the box (not just radioshack, but Wal-mart, Best Buy, etc.)

a6edc581, 2008-04-12, 08:11AM CDT

I had the exact experience with a Radio Shack in Old Colony Mall, Jersey City, NJ. I purchased a Plantronics Voyager 520 bluetooth that was defective. I also purchased the replacement agreement.

Whenever I used the blue tooth all I heard was static from the other person.

Because I also purchased a replacement agreement they replacee the original. Every replacement item worked just like the original. I have come to the conclusion that all Voyager 520 blue tooth items in that store unusable.

They told me because I didn't have the original packaging that I could not return the item.

I had my receipt, the charger, the warranty, all the paperwork that came with the product. The sales person was nice, but the manager never came from the back of the store to discuss this with me.

I paid $89.00 for a defective piece of equipment that the law says I must have if I want to use my cell phone while driving. My next step is to contact Plantronics and see what result from that encounter.

I will NEVER purchase anything from Radio Shack EVER again.

2a94cd37, 2008-07-30, 05:42PM CDT

It never amazes me how bad RS employees have gotten. I have worked here for 5 years, and I love it. All the person had to do was open a new one, give you the unit and keep the packaging to RMAC with the defective unit. We do this all the time. IM sorry that you were not helped properly. I will tell you this though, it does no good to complain to the DM or manager as they don't really listen to customers. If you really want to make a complaint call 1-800-THESHACK! They will set managers/DM's right :o)

99bc793e, 2008-09-10, 06:14PM CDT

It is amazing how you can only tell half of a story. In fact not only was this customer offered an exchange, when he refused the exchange he was told that we might be able to get him a package (from a satisfied customer), and thus a refund(if he could just wait a couple of days and we would contact him). He impatiently wanted immediate results. In fact the conversation only turned negative when his daughter attempted to be an amature lawyer and debate the wording of the return exchange policy on the back of the receipt.

4e1ef436, 2008-11-26, 12:52PM CST

I will definetely have to say that it is all your fault for your own dilemma. How does anyone expect to return something without the packaging. An exchange for the same product was offered to you but you refused it. They did the best they could, given the horrible situation you put yourself in.

fa93d794, 2008-11-26, 12:52PM CST

I will definetely have to say that it is all your fault for your own dilemma. How does anyone expect to return something without the packaging. An exchange for the same product was offered to you but you refused it. They did the best they could, given the horrible situation you put yourself in.

eea3eea5, 2009-09-11, 12:18PM CDT

And that would be the wrong thing to do. You can RMAC the item, but the serial numbers will not match and your store will not be credited for the GPS. If you are doing this in your store, you should stop! It affects your bottom line... and the managers bonus.

59b64d7a, 2010-04-11, 06:22PM CDT

RadioShack employees should read what the customer said and once again read it, since he said HE DID NOT WANT AN EXCHANGE. Yes, that being said manager could not open a new package and swap it for him. As I can see the store tried to help but he refused.

eb0c6c6f, 2010-12-28, 10:48PM CST

It says on the back of the receipt that you can not return an item without the original packaging and all of the packaging contents. I work for Radioshack and deal with this problem A LOT. It is your stupidity if you didn't keep the box and everything. They did the best they could in the situation.

eb0c6c6f, 2010-12-28, 10:50PM CST

And you people that say that you work for EVERYTHING the person said. They didn't want to swap it out for another one since they didn't trust it. If you'd read it then you'd agree with me. As a Radioshack employee myself, I agree completely with the employees that helped the customer. The receipt has the WHOLE return policy on it.

9031d96b, 2011-12-28, 12:47PM CST

The relevant details on the policy are here:

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