The Brick - Damanged Bed and Poor Customer Service

Posted on Friday, January 18th, 2008 at 3:09pm CST by b3017396

Product: Queen Bed - Item Code 13XQBED

Company: The Brick

Location: 20 Ashtonbee Road Warden & Eglinton
Scarborough, On, M1L 4R5, CA


Category: Other

I recently purchased a Queen Size bed frame and mattress set from the (Scarborough) Warden & Eglinton Brick Superstore on Dec 21, 2007 for a total of $1,404.54. At the time of Purchase I was told the bed would be delivered the following week after the holidays. The week went by and no phone call so I called the store to follow up. The mattress was back ordered so the bed would get delivered the following week...I didn't give it too much thought because after all it was during the holidays. The following week came and went with no phone call from the brick so I called them once again. The mattress still had not arrived yet. Saturday Jan 5, 08 the Brick called to inform me the bed and mattress was ready for delivery so I set up the delivery appointment for Wednesday Jan 9, 08. The furniture was delivered on Wed. Jan 9, 08...the delivery service was sloppy, they almost broke my outside light and knocked down my Christmas Wreathe without even as much as an apology. I didn't say anything because I was happy to finally get my bed, but they literally dumped the bed in the bedroom and left.

I pulled the headboard out of the packaging only to discover that it was damaged, there was a noticeable chip in the wood and the finish was scraping off in some areas. I immediately called the Brick to report the problem and set up an evening appointment to have a technician come and look at it. I work 9-5 Mon-Friday so I'm only available evenings. The next day I attempted to assemble the bed with a friend of mine and discovered that the side rails would not attach to the footboard or headboard. I immediately called the Brick Store once again to inform them of the problem...We now bump the technician appointment to Tuesday Jan 15, 08; he will come to assess the damage and try to put the bed together. Tuesday Jan 15, 08, I get home from work and there is a message waiting for me. The Technician will come between 11am and 3pm, if they do not receive a call from me confirming the time my appointment will be cancelled. At this point I was getting very upset since I specifically told the customer service rep that I was not available during the day. I called the Brick Store and asked to speak with customer service but they ware all too busy, so I explained my situation to the young lady on the phone who was not helpful at all. When I asked to speak with the manager she said he was also too busy to take my call so I spent the next half hour on hold waiting for customer service...Finally I hung up and I went to the Brick Superstore at Warden and Eglinton to speak with the manager of customer service in person. When I got there the store was practically empty so I walked back to customer service to find 4 customer service representatives standing around doing nothing. This was shocking to me since I spent half an hour on the phone waiting to talk to someone from customer service. I finally got the attention of one of them and I explained my situation and all the while requesting to speak with the manager. The lady informed me that technicians do not work evenings and I would have to make an appointment for Saturday. If I had known this from the beginning I would have made a Saturday appointment. Finally the customer service manager, Ihab Abouchakra came and I explained my situation once again...he also told me I need to book a technician appointment for Saturday and that the next available appointment would be for Sat. Jan 26th...this is over one month from the original purchase date. I told him this was unacceptable and that he would have to get me an appointment for this Saturday Jan, 19...he said he would look into it and give ma a call. It's been two days and I have yet to receive a phone call from him. I will be paying the Warden & Eglinton store another visit tonight.

Are we living in a time when bad customer service has become the Norm?? To me this behaviour is unnaceptable and the Brick has lost another customer.

FYI - one month from purchase date and the bed is still in pieces on my bedroom floor....

If you have a customer service complaint for the Brick please e-mail me at [email protected]..I am considering taking this matter to Silverman from City TV and the more backup I have the better.


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