Worldwide Moving Systems - Worldwide Moving Systems owes me $300!

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 at 6:12pm CST by d52abcd3

Product: moving company

Company: Worldwide Moving Systems

Location: 1419 NW 65th Ave
Plantation, FL, 33313, US

Category: Other

My complaints? The list would be endless. Just as other folks have described. I was jerked around so much and so many lies told to me that I lost track. Aaron Levy would constantly changes his stories. The final insult is that they charged me twice, in that they cashed my check for deposit amount of $300, instead of discarding it after the driver of the truck asked for a check which included the deposit amount, in addition to, the actual charges (he wasn't going to take my stuff otherwise). After not returning numerous emails and calls to Worldwide Moving Systems,I finally got a hold of Aaron Levy. He actually admitted that he owed me the money, and said the check would be forthcoming. I gave me my address for like the fifth time; He's had my phone number and my email since October 6th of 2006! That check has now been in the mail for going on two weeks! Which is yet another indication to me that this company has no intention of refunding me and that Aaron has mislead me yet once again.

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d52abcd3, 2008-01-27, 01:18AM CST

Thank you After several more tall tales, I finally received a reimbursement check for $325 from Worldwide Moving Systems. At least I can put that chapter to rest. If I ever move again, however, I will look for the most reputable company rather than one offering a bargain. I've learned a valuable lesson. Do your homework first!

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