Chrysler Financial Services - Chrysler Financial - False/Fraudulent Information, Bullying, and Rude Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 at 1:34pm CST by 3c0ce1ec

Product: Financial Services/Insurance Resolution Group

Company: Chrysler Financial Services

Location: 27777 Inkster Road
Farmington Hills, MI, 48834, US


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In March/April 2007, my 22 year old daughter purchased a used 1999 Honda CRV from a local dealer and used Chrysler's Financial Services to finance the balance she owed on the vehicle. She is a full-time student who has consistently paid her monthly account bills on time or before they were due.

On November 26, 2007, my daughter was involved in an automobile accident. She is/was fully insured by State Farm Insurance, who reviewed the accident and later (e.g., within a week) deemed the vehicle a total loss. Within approximately a week, on behalf of my daughter I made contact with Chrysler Financial Services to notify them of the accident and to make them aware that, at the time, the insurance company was wanting to "total" the vehicle. At that time, I spoke with a representative in the Insurance Resolution Group (male representative, foreign accent - contacted through #800-556-8172) who assured me that should we choose to retain the vehicle (e.g., salvage), take the insurance settlement minus salvage, and have the vehicle repaired to "factory standards" as per State Farm, that Chrysler Financial Services would maintain my daughter's loan with the vehicle as collateral and that my daughter would not be required to pay off the loan in full, but could continue to make payments. Currently, her balance is approximately $1,700.

During the course of resolving the accident issues with State Farm and the collision repair shops, I contacted Chrysler Financial Services two more times to VERIFY that the information I had been given was accurate so that we (e.g., my daughter and I) could make a final decision to either retain or repair the vehicle. On all three ocassions, I spoke with the same individual at Chrysler who ASSURED us all three times that there would not be a problem, even with the insurance company wanting to declare the vehicle a "total loss." Furthermore, this individual stated that he would note my daughter's account with the status so that it would be referencable for future representatives. On all three ocassions, this individual also indicated that what would be needed for Chrysler Financial to continue to maintain the loan would be:

1. The original State Farm Insurance estimate.

2. A Work Order from the collision shop.

3. A Letter of Satisfaction from my daughter following the repairs to the vehicle stating that it had been repaired to her satisfaction.

4. The insurance settlement check, which was made out to my daughter, myself, and Chrysler Financial. The representative ASSURED us that Chrysler would sign the check so that we could pay the shop for the repairs.

Again, this individual stated on ALL THREE OCASSIONS that these were acceptable to Chrysler Financial and that there would be no consequences against my daughter's loan status.

On January 7, 2008, we (my daughter and I) sent the above referenced items to Chrysler Financial via Expres Mail. The items were delivered on January 8, 2008 at 6:53 AM and signed for by J. Garlach. As we had not received the signed check from Chrysler Financial as of Friday, January 11, 2008, we contacted Chrysler Financial and were told that they had never received the items listed above. At that time, we used our tracking number with the post office and verified that they had indeed received the above items. Further attempts to speak with representatives within Chrysler Financial netted the same "we don't have it answer," until late Friday when I was finally able to reach Janice, who said she could not discuss the account with me until my daughter (Jenae Temple) verified that I had access to her account.

On Tuesday, 1/15/08, at approximately 2:00 p.m. (Central Time), my daughter and I again contacted Chrysler Financial to determine the status of the check as we had not received any information from Chrysler Financial regarding our previous inquiries. We were again told that Chrysler did not have the check, to which we responded that they did indeed as per the post office, at which time the representative looked again and noticed that the check was "held up" as unendorsable. As per further investigation, the representative (e.g., Janice, Beverly, and then the supervisor Christine) told us that Chrysler Financial would not honor their oiginal agreement with us (as stated above) because the insurance company had deemed the vehicle a total loss. I again reiterated that we had already spoken with a representative (the same individual) on all three ocassions who had said that Chrysler would, indeed, honor the agreement given the items listed above. We were passed from RUDE representative to representative and I finally requested to speak with a Supervisor regarding the manner. After being disconnected several times, I was finally transferred to Christine's voice mail and received a return call from her at approximately 5:30 PM.

Upon speaking with Christine, I was again told that Chrysler would not honor the agreement as stated above because the insurance company had deemed the vehicle a total loss. I explained to Christine that we (e.g., my daughter and I) had made the decision regarding the vehicle based upon false information provided by her department and that I did not feel it should be our responsibility to absorb the consequences given that her department did not have the wherewithall to review their own policy and verify that policy. I furthermore indicated that the vehicle, which has indeed been repaired to "factory standards" is certainly worth the balance on the loan as a collateral vehicle and that State Farm is contining to provide full coverage insurance on the vehicle based upon those repairs. I further iterated that based upon the information provided by her department, the vehicle had been repaired and that there was now an outstanding $6,166 balance due to the collision shop, the amount of the check which Chrysler Financial is refusing to sign. Christine continued to be combative and rude, stated that we should "read our contract," and made excuses for Chrysler Financial's ineptness and false information regarding the repairs to the vehicle. At that time, I asked Christine to speak with her supervisor, which she declined, stating that "There is nobody else who CAN or WILL speak with you." I told her that this was unacceptable, demanded that the check be returned, and stated that my daughter would NOT be paying off the balance on the loan, but that she would continue to make timely payments on the loan with Chrysler until the matter was resolved. Furthermore, I informed Christine that I would be gowing WELL ABOVE her head within the Chysler Corporation to resolve the matter. Christine then stated that she was going to close the account and report my daughter to the Collections Department for not paying the loan. To my knowledge, Chrysler Financial cannot do this as they have accepted my daughter's payments and have "cashed" those payments each and every time.

Given the information above and the inadequacy and inadept behavior of the Insurance Resolution Group, I do not feel that my daughter (who is a full time student) should have to relinquish $1,700 of the insurance settlement check to pay off a loan that is in good standing nor do I feel that Chrysler Financial should "stronghold" and "threaten" her or the status of this loan to achieve its own wishes. Furthermore, based upon the repairs performed by the shop as well as assessments by State Farm, the repaired vehicle is more than worth the balance of the loan in a collateral situation. Ultimately, however, this situation would not have arisen had Chrysler Financial provided us with accurate information from the beginning. This MOST CERTAINLY would have made a difference in how the matter was addressed and would not have placed us in a financial hardship pending coming up with $1,700 to cover the loan.

Not only has Chrysler Financial demonstrated less than acceptable customer service relations, they have provided false and fradulent information to the customer, failed to investigate and understand their own policies, and are now covering their own inept "asses" by punishing the customer.

We are certainly more than willing to honor our loan and continue timely payments to Chrysler Corporation, but WILL NOT suffer the consequences that have arisen due to Chrysler's own stupidity. The customer should NEVER be punished for an employee's inability to comprehend, understand, and/or investigate a matter such that the matter escalates and spins out of control to the detriment of a) the customer and b) Chrysler Financial's further interactions with potential customers.

We have tried to locate an e-mail address to complain to parties that ARE NOT customer service and have been completely unsuccessful. I guess Chrysler must have something to hide, eh?



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e51e3801, 2008-06-04, 12:38PM CDT

In response to your NOTE: I fully agree with your statement about Chrysler lying to the customer, as well as bullying the customer. They have done the same to me while pretending to "work with" my daughter. They have no interest in "working" with the customer when they can just take back and make more freakin money on the same worthless vehichle (in my opinion).

8e4da8b7, 2008-06-13, 06:31PM CDT


66a2ffa8, 2008-06-29, 11:07AM CDT

Chrylser Financial is horrid, mean, and engages in behavioral verbal aggression. They engage the customer with phrases to bait, antagonize, and create an escalating argument with the customer. I did what they wanted, it just wasn't fast enough. And when I caught up the payments they still used phrases to bait me into an argument. "You know you accumulated more interest, and are just paying on interest", this is after I caught all the payments up there were still negitive remarks, and further hostile tones after I informed the caller that I had satisfied all the late payments. "Portions of this call may be taped", what portions? the ones where I was pushed, bated, and challenged to the point where I decided on the last call just to hang up? What is the use of argument. Mean, hateful people.

da601a35, 2008-07-19, 12:18PM CDT

I totally agree Chrysler does not care about the consumer. They recently sent a repo man to my home (wrong house). He woke all my family up at 1:30 AM beating on our door. Showed a badge and threatened us. He was looking for my oldest daughter who is a single mother of 2, struggling with debt and had not been able to make a payment in a few months. He told us that a warrant was going to be issued for her arrest. Scarfed us to death. We pay our bills and my daughter has NEVER been in any trouble with the law. What gives them the right to come to my home and beat on my door in the middle of the night. NO ONE from Chrysler will call me back or address what happend.

b9093fa8, 2008-07-26, 03:50AM CDT

I agree that Chrysler Financial does not care about customer service and they do not know what they are doing. I leased a car and about 6 weeks before lease was up they called me and wanted me to buy the car right over the phone. I told them I was going to lease a new one. I went back to the dealership I originally leased from, took them the car, leased a new 2008 in May. I have been harrassed by CF since May. It has been non-stop. They have gone so far as to send a notice of default with intent to repo a car I no longer have. They have the car! I have gone thru the Dealership and directly to CF with no resolution. They have ruined my credit and have caused me to have sleepless nights. They called me over and over at work and they were asked several times NOT to call my place of business. Now, I do not answer their calls. I will never lease or buy from this company ever again.

cf0246c1, 2008-12-31, 06:36PM CST

how about this... dont buy a car that you cannot pay for and they wouldnt have to hunt your money down... think about it this way... if you lend someone over $30,000... wouldnt you want them to pay it back as agreed?? probably... and never mind the fact that you signed a legal binding contract stating that you would make your payments on or before the due date every month... if you purchase a vehicle it is your responsiblity to pay for it and if you cant then you shoudlnt have bought it and you probably shouldnt have signed the contract either... if your car is a piece of junk it isnt the financial institutions fault.. YOU picked it... if the due date is wrong its not thier fault either.. YOU couldve changed it when you bought the car... if you work as a waitress and dont get enough tips to pay your bills thats not thier fault either.. YOU NEED A NEW JOB!! quit blaming your screw ups on other people... dont buy it if you cant pay for it...

1c52b040, 2009-02-10, 06:10PM CST

this is so true!! I was never late on my paymente but was late in a late fee, they called I told them I was going to pay the late fee with my next payment, I made the payment on my online bank, and they told that I was lying! I wish somebody from Chrysler (president or somebody who cares) knew what this customer service representative are doing to their customer)

21a2cbd8, 2009-07-10, 10:20AM CDT

REPORT THEM TO THE FEDERAL TRADE COMMISSION!! That is what I have done. Everyone needs to take a stand against this company!!! They are rude!! They have made threats to me and my husband! Even when you try to make a payment, all you get is an argument!! They don't care about the customer at all! They have ruined our credit. CONSUMERS NEED TO TAKE A STAND!! REPORT THEM TO THE FTC!!

0b9240ee, 2009-12-18, 06:26PM CST

Very true. This has to stop. I returned a leased vehicle. Never missed a payment. Never. I got a negative report on my credit. Ruined my credit and now I'm fighting it. No one can explain why this happened but they won't do anything to help remove it. They should not get away with treating people like this. I will sue if I cannot get this resolved.

dd07aa5c, 2011-02-17, 09:31AM CST

I believe the above information to be factual because Chrysler Financial has treated all their customers the same. In my case, I found when approaching the end of the note, Chrysler Financial, will accept your last payment check and then report you to collections and close out your account a month or two later destroying your credit! This process is not a threat! Customer Service will lie, commit fraud and destroy your credit. This company is government financial and has been losing money for years! They maintain a BBB rating of "F". Report them to the FTC like I have!

dd07aa5c, 2011-02-17, 09:35AM CST

I believe the above information to be factual because Chrysler Financial has treated all their customers the same. In my case, I found when approaching the end of the note, Chrysler Financial, will accept your last payment check and then report you to collections and close out your account a month or two later destroying your credit! This process is not a threat! Customer Service will lie, commit fraud and destroy your credit. This company is government financial and has been losing money for years! They maintain a BBB rating of "F". Report them to the FTC like I have!

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