Charter Communications - Charter Communications Incompetence - Zero Consumer Support

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 at 8:15pm CST by 4633114f

Product: Modem

Company: Charter Communications

Location: 12405 Powers Court Dr.
St. Louis, Mo, 63131, US

Category: Other

To begin with, Never in my entire life of 50 years have I ever experienced such an absolute lack of customer service and incompetence at all levels, as that of Charter Communications.

In the five years I have lived in my home, I have made approx seven appointments with Charter Communications for various internet, phone and cable TV concerns. In each instance except one, Charter has either shown up ridiculously late or not shown up at all.

I am an almost five year customer with Charter and spend over 200.00 a month for services.

On Monday, January 14, I made an appointment with Charter to have a moden installed. I was quoted an appointment for January 16 between 8 and 12:00. This from Charter employee Number one.

On January 16, the scheduled day, I called at 1145 knowing that they would of course be late and not call.

I spoke with Charter person #2, who advised me that the technition was running 30 minutes late and would be at my house shortly. Being lied to before by Charter I again called at 1230 inquiring when they would be at my house.

Charter employee number 3 advised me that they did not have a scheduled appointment for me at all. This was after employee #2 adsvied me that they would be at my house in thirty minutes.

I asked to speak to a supervisor, Charter employee (Supervisor) number 4, who advised me that she was sorry about the inconvience and that a person would be at my house today between 3 and 5.

At 5:15 with no one showing up, I again called Charter, this time I talked with employee number 5 who advised me that there was not a record of my appointment. After 45 minutes I was transferred to Charter Employee (Supervisor) Number 6 who advsed me that appointment was scheduled for the following day!

I asked this supervisor who I could speak to or write to complain about the way I was treated. This supervisor only gave me an address of corporate and no other information.

I am frustrated because Charetr lies, has no accountablity and we as consumers are just stuck with them. Who can we complain to?

Today, I took off work, all day, spent at least three hours on the phone with lying incompetent personell and the only thing I got was "We are really sorry."

What can we do as consumers to complain and make the govenment do something about cable companies that have absolutly zero customer service or accounatblity.

I know there are thousands of consumers like me that have lived through this nightmare, does anypone have any idea how we can complain to someone who cares about people and not just money and the bottom line.


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